Nintendo Switch

Kamiko is a buck ninety-nine ($1.99) and totally worth it if you’re looking for something short and fun.

Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2 is only 15 bucks on the Eshop. Is it worth playing if I was a huge DBZ fan as a kid?

There is a demo, which I didn’t really enjoy, but the real turn off to me is the insane amount of DLCs (Koei levels, we are talking hundreds of dollars), two of which was the original, necessary anime soundtrack for 15 bucks each

FWIW, most of the DLC is also on sale. I believe you can pick up all of the non-music DLC for $35.

That just made it a hard pass for me. I loath predatory dlc.

Bloodstained seems like a bit of a mess, performance-wise, but meanwhile, Timespinner is pure 2D, and about as Symphony of the Night as it’s possible to be.

The writing is pretty mediocre, self-serious noun-heavy game writing. And the visuals may not be universally appealing. But the game itself is pure SotN, down to the “Relics” menu option and the Level Up popup animations.

This is cute.

It feels more like a lost / never translated Famicom game than most things that try to do that.

Seems word that there’s no Mario maker 2 thread… Although, it seems like switch games often don’t get their own threads.

Regardless, here’s this.

I just watched my 7 year old son and his best friend play Mario Maker 2, couch co op, after a day of swimming. They built a level together for some time, played it, then dove into course not to play a level together. 10/10, this is what gaming is meant to be.

Couch co-op is the best. For the King with my kids & their friends is awesome.

I want Mario Maker 2, but I know what’s going to happen to my time when Fire Emblem comes out, and Slay the Spire has me right now…

Reminder the Nintendo Switch $100 for 2 games vouchers are only available until the end of July. There are several big upcoming games eligible for these vouchers including Pokémon Sword and Shield, the next Zelda game, and the just out Mario Maker 2. You also get 500 gold coins (5% back).

Buy Nintendo eShop gift cards using the Amazon Prime Store card or Target Red Card to save 5%. Just remember most states charge tax on these vouchers.

Combining all the savings gets you two brand new Nintendo games for $45 each - an unheard of discount.

Thanks, good deal. Will probably get this for fire emblem/animal crossing (assuming it’s eligble)

There are two Fire Emblem games in the list, but I don’t see Animal Crossing listed. I suspect that one’s too far off to be included in the program.

I’ve already bought one pair of vouchers, and redeemed one for Mario Maker 2. I’ve got my eye on Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3, Dragon Quest, and Link’s Awakening (all eligible), so I’m tempted to buy a second pair. Just a little nervous since there’s no guarantees MUA3 will be any good, or that the Switch version of DQ will end up being the one I want.

Are the vouchers codes or stuck to your account? I want to get Mario Maker 2 for both my daughter and myself so I didn’t know if I can do that with one set of vouchers.

Stuck in your account.


Random bits from the FAQ that seem worth mentioning:

  • The vouchers expire after one year.
  • You must be a Nintendo Online subscriber to purchase the vouchers and to redeem them. If your subscription expires you can later resubscribe and still use unclaimed vouchers if they haven’t expired, but you have to be an active subscriber to redeem them.
  • You can buy up to 8 vouchers at once.
  • It says they will add more eligible games later, but no indication of when or what games.
  • You don’t have to redeem both vouchers at once.

Yeah, the vouchers should be valid past the release date so I’m hoping that it’ll be added to the list when it comes. I’m interested in Three Houses regardless.

I can’t bring myself to buy digital on the Switch. Nintendo’s rights management and game sharing is pretty bad, and a generation behind what Xbox is doing.

I can’t share games with my son unless I buy carriages and give him the cartridge. It wasn’t too long ago he could not use Minecraft on the Switch without signing in with my account and playing as me. They fixed that at least, but right now Mario Maker is a pain in the ass. He can’t use his account to play because mine is the one with Nintendo Online. So, course world is completely unavailable to him.

Damn, I just picked up Mario Tennis Aces and Mario Maker 2 for a summer vacation treat for my daughters. Could’ve saved $20!

Same, I buy almost everything physical on Switch for this reason, except for crazy sales or cheap indie games.

I’m generally the reverse. Since the system is portable, there’s always a chance of it or games getting lost or stolen, and I like knowing that I could just redownload rather than being out the cost of the game.

Plus, it usually works out to be substantially cheaper, between 1) no sales tax, 2) gold point cash-back, and 3) occasional “pay $40 for a $50 eShop card” deals.

I only have one system so far and haven’t tried to do game sharing, though. What’s the issue with it?