Nintendo Switch

I like the permanently-attached controllers. The ones on my girlfriend’s Switch give me an uncomfortably flimsy vibe whenever I play with it. I do not like the smaller screen. 5.5 inches is the same size, I believe, as my phone, and that just seems too small for games like Breath of the Wild.

The idea that this isn’t “for me” is absurd. The Switch Lite is for me. It couldn’t be more for me if it was called the Switch Mike Cathcart Edition That Is Definitely For Him.

What isn’t for me is the way Nintendo has handled save file backup this generation, which is extra frustrating because they’ve been so good about it on the past. Even on the 3DS (which this thing supposedly replaces).

There is no save backups on the Switch. If you lose your Switch you’re out of luck. Start over in all of your games I guess. Unless you pay for Switch Online cloud saves, but those are disabled for certain games, including exhibits A and B in Nintendo’s list of games you’d most want to play on the go: Pokémon and Animal Crossing. It’s mind boggling.

This has been an issue with the Switch from the beginning but the introduction of a second system really shines a Lite on it. Even if you transfer Pokémon to the Bank there are dozens of not hundreds of hours of progress tied to your save file that are not stored in the bank. Oh well I guess. Saving games just isn’t for you!

The idea that this is some amazing Nintendo innovation that crazy old people can’t handle because they’re so set in their crazy ways (saving game files, apparently) is a bad faith argument and it would be cool if we didn’t engage with that.

It’s really simple: the Switch Lite looks like a great piece of hardware I’d like to own but Nintendo still has to learn how client server security actually works (hint: it doesn’t include saving a players rank and W-L record for an online competitive game you’re trying to push as an esport on the local save file ffs) and figure out the cloud while they’re at it.

I’m not sure how you know that Animal Crossing doesn’t support Switch Online save data backup, given that the game isn’t out yet.

For those who care, here is the full list of games that don’t support cloud saves:

  • Dark Souls: Remastered
  • FIFA 19
  • Pokemon: Let’s Go Pikachu!
  • Pokemon: Let’s Go Eevee!
  • Splatoon 2

That’s it. Out of the thousands of games available, that’s pretty good.

Nintendo confirmed it won’t.

Well sure, if you want to get technical and use “official word from Nintendo” as proof!

Still, it seems like a rare few exceptions in a sea of games that have online backup, for the low low price of $20 a year.

Out today…

Contra-esque. It’s by the Oniken and Odallus devs. Reviews are great.

I read a preview in Frecnh a couple months ago about how the first level was brilliant. Glad to hear apparently the rest of the levels are up to it!

It does sound like the Switch version is not as good as the others. Porting done by a different team. Sigh.

Looks like the new model will have a vastly superior battery, cost the exact same as the current model, and basically just replace the existing model in the wild.

That’s quite the upgrade. Nothing I need, I rarely play more than a few hours at a time and I am good about docking it when I’m done playing so it’s ready the next time, but I like that it exists and I suppose at some point I’ll need to replace my Switch and it’s cool this will be waiting for me.

Are there any firm rumors pointing to the possibility of a Switch+ type deal in the next year or so? If this is the only substantial “upgrade” we’re likely to see before a sequel, I’m probably going to finally spring for one of these this Christmas

They released some over-clocking patches to reduce load times with a previous firmware. I wonder if the increasing battery life opens the door for some more power-management shenanigans along those lines (or other ways to improve performance).

My understanding is some of the issue is actually heat and not just battery concerns, but that’s also something they can improve without changing the main hardware.

No. There are no firm rumors or any confirmation. What people have deduced from all the filings is that the base unit, other than a battery life upgrade, will remain essentially the same. The changes inside will be like a new model number for a PlayStation if you’re familiar with how Sony constantly updates the hardware and changes the model number designation since the PS2 days. (aka… some PS2s, PS3s and PS4s are more desirable than other PS2s, PS3s and PS4s.)

Yeah, sorry, I did understand that. More meant a fully new model. It felt like news about the PS4Pro and Xbox One Superdiddlyumptious was leaking out months ahead of the official announcements, much less launches, to the point that some friends held off on buying the original iterations of those consoles till the fancy versions hit to ensure they’d have the “best” version.

If it looked like a half gen bump for the Switch was gonna hit in 2020, I wouldn’t buy in this year, even at a fairly steep discount, cuz it’s likely to be the only console I’ll buy for five+ years, so I wanna wring as much longevity out of it as possible.

Tbh it feels a little sad for folks who bought Switches to take advantage of the Prime Day deal with the improved not technically an upgrade model being confirmed literally the next day.

It doesn’t matter when you announce it, someone will be left behind. Battery life is ok with the base unit although this is obviously a nice upgrade. Still, if you’re buying this Switch, you probably want to play docked because otherwise you should just wait for the Lite.

How much do second hand Switches go for? I’m more tempted by this than the Lite given that battery life is my main complaint with the existing model.

Second hand is about $20-$50 less I think. It’s still a hot item. You also have to consider that second hand Switches may have had a lot of portable use which could mean lots of jostling.

I was thinking more if I sell mine, how much will I get.

Battery savings almost certainly come from a new SoC. Whether that’s the Tegra X2 or the X1 on a smaller process is unknown. My guess is the latter. And sure, that does mean it will generate less heat at a given clockspeed, so it could very well be clocked higher when necessary. We don’t know if Nintendo is actually doing that, but it’s possible.

Gamestop offers $200, so that’s a reasonable expectation if you were selling elsewhere, I’d think.