Nintendo Switch

It’s a Unity game, whatever that entails. It runs very nicely with a small (<500MB) install footprint on my 6+ year old computer that’s probably about on par with your phone these days.

Still no news about A Hat in Time for the Switch? My kids and I are eagerly awaiting its release!

I’ve been playing my Switch undocked while traveling lately. Making me want the newer hardware for the better battery life. For a $75 upgrade it seems worth it.

Gamestop reduced their trade in value today, so that upgrade will now cost $100.

Yea I’m really tempted to do the trade in, but I don’t want to lose my ability to eventually homebrew some emulators onto the switch.

Invisigun Reloaded is out today! I posted this on another thread:

Vice: Project Doom was added to the NES lineup for Switch Online members. Mostly a Ninja Gaiden-esque platformer with some driving and shooting gallery sequences - top 20 NES game for me and worth checking out.

Weird question here: what kind of signal do joy cons use? I’m wondering if I can get a repeater for use inside a cabinet.

They use bluetooth, which is a radio signal that passes through non-metallic materials. Should reach about 30 feet.

Blasphemous is releasing on September 10 on Switch.

Posted this in the PS4 coop thread by mistake. Looks like a potentially fun coop game.

Yeah…I have trouble with my right joy connif I don’t have direct line of sight. Maybe it is because I have one of the earlier ones? Suppose I could get a new pair.

I did read about some switches having problems with the right joycon in particular. No real fix though.


Drill holes in the cabinet.

That trailer totally sells me on this game, even though I hate invisible creatures in 99% of games. But, ugh. I’m trying to hold off on buying new games till I play through more of what I have sitting on the sidelines, so I’ve wishlisted this for now.

Oh…I’m going to…but not on the front.

Oh nice! Do let us know how you get on and if you manage to play it with some friends. My preferred mode is control zones because it strikes a good balance between chaos and calculation with ever-mounting tension as each player tries blocking the leader.

@kerzain I know the feeling!

There was a strange “Dog Day” (it seems it is that day, somewhere in the world) news bit on the Nintendo Channel just now.
AdvertisingRecommanding game with dogs in them, supposedly… First was Astral Chain, because some people move fast and are acute as dogs, uh, right…
Then the second recommandation was… Dark Souls, for Sif.

It also has dogs you can pet, and ride. Well, robotic dogs… actually, alien robotic dogs, I think. But you can pet and ride them. And you can also use them to rip your enemies to shreds. And if your alien robot dog dies in the process you can just summon another one later. The game also has cats, but real cats, not robot cats. Well, real anime cats. But enough about cats, because today is dog day, dagnabbit.