Nintendo Switch

I have two boardgames shops in the area, they might have 2-5 3ds games, some PS4 games. Other than that we only have GameStop, but I usually do not go there because of their overpriced used stuff. Maybe I will check what new 3ds games they have … we do not have independent games stores in my area (Stuttgart,lol) the big ware houses got me covered with 3DS games…

Heh, what’s crazy is that I know exactly the Electronics Boutique at the King of Prussia mall that he bought that game at… I’m the same age, so hell, we could have been there at the same time.

The King of Prussia mall was the “good” mall in that area at the time. It was huge.

I knew the guys that ran that store at that time. I arrived at EB in the summer of '93 when he would have bought Link’s Awakening. It shipped in August of that year. King of Prussia is still huge… huger than ever now that both malls are connected. You should go if you haven’t recently.

I was at the Berkshire Mall store in Reading and later the Frackville location when it was new. I also worked at Park City, Harrisburg East, and Coventry at various times. Also ran a register at both warehouse sales although the first one was the best one. I got my first Neo Geo AES there for $200. It was an incredible buy. Stopped traffic in both directions on 202.

Ya, that big area that used to be a walking path through the giant parking lot just got made into a big connecting piece, right?

I think I’ve been there once or twice since then, I forget why… maybe last minute christmas shopping when down near my parents’ place.

I gotta say, when I was a kid, the mall was a cool place to hang out. Now, there are few things I’d want to do less than go to a mall.

Fun Fact about King of Prussia mall… If you know the band, “The Bloodhound Gang,” the frontman used to work at the knife store there.

Actually, looks like he was only with Bloodhound gang for their first album, but that was the only album I knew… I think I still have a casette tape of Use Your Fingers somewhere.

That’s the dude who worked at the knife store.

It’s also where Electronics Boutique began. James Kim set up a kiosk/cart for his wife to sell calculators. She just wanted something to do.

…and yes, they connected the two malls through the parking lot and filled it with stores. I think it’s now the largest amount of retail shopping space all under one roof in the US?

Mall of America begs to differ.

For people who never played it or forgot what happened, Nintendo posted a detailed and spoiler-heavy trailer for Link’s Awakening, which releases next week:

Links Awakening is the reason why I ordered a Switch Lite (also, I did not want to connect a 4th console on my TV).

Are there any must-haves for the Switch?

My list so far is

Links Awakening (ordered)
Octopath Traveler (bought)
Travis Strikes again (bought)

I need to hold the LITE in my hands to see how the screen is, I wonder if handheld Dark Souls would work or if it will feel “too small”. I really hope that Octopath on the Lite screen will work.

looking for

Chocobo Mystery Dungeon (as a huge Shiren The Wanderer fan)
Wilmots Warehouse
Tetris 99
Mario vs Rabids
Dead Cells (depends on the screen)
Dark Souls
Hyrule Cadence Necrodancer
Zelda Breath of the Wild (this can wait, got it on Wii U)

I would buy Ikaruga if you could use the vertical (“tate”) mode with the Lite. I saw that on the original Switch you could attach the joycons on both sides, but this is not possible for the Lite. So, not sure if the Lite controls are usable in vertical mode.

I used to be a Fire Emblem fan, but it became a dating sim, so I am not sure if I want it.

any other must-haves? Astral Chain could be too busy for handheld
and then there are all the ports like Skyrim, Assassins Creed 3 etc.

Diablo. Seriously if you bought a Switch and just had that it would be worth it.

Dark Souls works fine handheld. That, Mario Kart 8, Dragon Quest XI/Builders 2, Zelda BotW and Divinity Original Sin 2 would be my must haves.

I played Diablo 3 on PC more than enough (I know), so I am done with it. Really, no regrets.

Xenoblade Chronicles 2, Monster Hunter Generations Ultimate.

Ha, that’s what I thought! Diablo on Switch is still must have!

Slay the Spire is really awesome for Switch. Great little deck builder you can easily get addicted to

Mmm, let’s see.

Astral Chain works very well handheld.
Valkyria Chronicles 4 is really good.
Fire Emblem is less of a dating sim than previous installments (although it still has some components of that)

Other than the ones you mention:

Hollow Knight is a modern classic (though people are put off by its difficulty/length)
Mario Odyssey is good.
Bayonetta 2
They are about to release Dragon Quest XI
If you like fighting game, Dragon Ball FighterZ

Into The Breach - I played it on PC until I beat it with one team, but did not play other teams. I always thought it belongs into a handheld …

nobody playing Tetris 99?

Tetris 99 is great. It’s free with Switch Online though so that’s probably why it doesn’t get discussed much here.

Wii fit + rpg

(plus slightly phsycotic looking male host)

Make sure your defense is ab-solute!