Nintendo Switch


It’s basically sci-fi Stand combat (see: JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure) in a Neo-Tokyo, by Platinum. I’m on board.

The pink haired girl could have been a Devola/Popola, if you really want to convince yourself it’s Nier-adjacent.


Link’s Awakening
I never played this one, since I pretty much skipped from The Legend of Zelda 1 & 2 on the NES to Twilight Princess on the Gamecube. I have played A Link to the past though on my 3DS, and from what I understand that game was a direct sequel to Link’s Awakening, possibly even using the same overworld map.

But after playing through Ocarina of Time, Link to the Past, Breath of the Wild, and Wind Waker in recent years, I’m a little Zelda’d out. The jury is still out, but I will probably skip this entry.

Tetris 99
This sounds good to me. Tetris Party on the Wii had some great competitive couch PvP action, and it was my favorite mode in the game. I only ever played against my wife, but the competitive fun was certainly there and we put a boatload of time into the game.

I do wonder if it will still be fun playing vs online opponents though. Maybe, maybe not. Now that I think about it, I’m not so sure. Hmm… is it free to play? And can I play without Nintendo’s Xbox Live service? All questions I should answer before I get too hyped over this title.

Astral Chain
I haven’t seen any footage of this one yet, but I’m already interested because of Platinum. As long as it doesn’t go the way of Starfox Zero or The Legend of Korra I’ll probably pick it up at or near release. I do hope they come up with a new way to represent enemy life that fractal health bars with no discernible end.

Platinum’s Bayonetta 2, Transformers Devastation, and the Wonderful 101 have won me over for the long haul.

Mario Maker 2
I always felt like my maps were lost in the crowd in the original. Out of the dozen or two maps I uploaded, only a couple really took off. And since they were all brilliant, I can only assume the problem had more to do with Nintendo’s algorithms than my own failings. Add this problem to the fact that most maps people uploaded seemed to be gimmick maps instead of actual platforming adventures, and I quickly lost interested after a couple hundred hours spent playing the game.

I won’t be buying this on day one.

I’ll be pre-ordering.


I have no idea why the trailer ends with a dog cop picking up trash, but it increases my hype tenfold.


The Link’s Awakening art style has been a point of contention among fans I’ve noticed, so I watched the trailer again and honestly, I think I love it. I can see why some folks would not, it’s very “cute” and seems like it’s bringing little toys to life, rather than being a more traditional art style, but the action looks very old-school Zelda and I’m pretty excited about this the more I think about it.



I think it looks great, cosmetically. The internet can go play the original if they’re unhappy.


It’s a massive upgrade from the style in A Link Between Worlds, but it’s just a little too Funko Pops/Chibi-like from my liking (though the foxes look very cute). I also don’t understand the blur framing the top and bottom of the screen. What does that add? Hopefully the game’s not just a one-to-one recreation of Awakening, which would be pretty disappointing considering all the neat things the ALBW team introduced to the Zelda formula, such as letting you tackle the dungeons in any order and item renting. I don’t think I’m interested in returning to the basics. Will it still have Link going on a date and that weird whale sequence?


In motion it’s a nice depth of field effect.


Isn’t that just part of the tilt-shift effect that makes it look like miniatures?


I saw someone else mention Stand. WTF is it? Google doesn’t help with a name like that.


It is SO GOOD. I cannot wait to (re)play this game, though it’ll be more like playing it for the first time since I was barely 10 when I played it.


In the JoJo’s manga/anime, a Stand is kind of a familiar, a physical manifestation of their magic/fighting energy. Like, if instead of throwing fireballs, Ryu had a ghost dragon behind him that spit the fireballs.

It’s a relatively common anime trope. Persona’s from the Persona series are another example.


Yeah, it’s the same tilt shift used by 3D Dot Hero. I think it looks really cool. Every time Nintendo experiments with an awesome new style like this I’m reminded again of the Wii era where people kept insisting Nintendo’s art was so strong that they didn’t need modern hardware. But give them modern hardware and they do even more amazing stuff like this, Breath of the Wild, etc.


Tetris 99 is very addictive and entertaining. It truly is a Tetris Battle Royale. The best I’ve done is 20th.



For a while there I was excited that what turned out to be Astral Chain was Xenoblade Chronicles X2.

I’m disappointed, and yet intrigued at the same time.


Tetris 99 ramps up quickly. I wasn’t expecting that. Next time I will. Made it to around 15 I think.


Did they say who is in charge of it? The gameplay and combat in Nier were mostly awful and I couldn’t believe it was the same studio that makes Bayonetta.


Get the heck out of here.


Well, if you like every combat being either “I get one shot” or “I’m unkillable” then I guess it’s great ;)

There were some creative mechanics in the story missions with the viewpoint switches and shmup sections. Enough so for me to tolerate the awful balancing. All of the “normal” combat was like they were trying to make an action game off of a description they read once instead of actually playing one.


Reminds me of all the complaints and whining about Windwaker looking too cartoonish. Hah, game is 15 years old, still looks fantastic and still will look good ten years from now.

Man, the Switch is on fire…I am so tempted to get one with all these games released and coming, but will hold out for a smaller, more portable version if it happens.