Nintendo Switch

I was calculating how much getting the Switch and the games I want to play on it will cost me, and I think it came to around $700, since all the Nintendo titles are evergreen and never come down in price. Good god, definitely the most expensive console out of the 3. And if I want a Pro controller, maybe another $20-70. If I want a memory card, another $50 or so? So around $770-$830 cost when I get it.

The Series X has so far cost me $500 for the hardware, $30 for Falconeer, and maybe $50 more in games bought in sales since then, but even that $50 has come mostly from points earned via Microsoft points. Same with all the games I’ve accessed through Game Pass, where Game Pass time gets added via Microsoft points. So really $530 spent so far.

I waited to get the PS4 exclusives I wanted, and over the entire generation, I think getting all the exclusives I wanted cost me about $200 total. Add in PS+ and I guess I spent about $700 on PS4 the entire generation.

Nintendo seems like the cheapest, but it’s definitely the most expensive of the three.

Or has the most games you’re interested in :P

What really makes me shake my head is that Arms is still being sold for full price. ARMS!

Oh, I was definitely interested in more PS4 exclusives than Nintendo Switch exclusives. They’re just much cheaper over time.

Also, core titles do go on sale at WM/Target/Best Buy/Amazon semi-frequently, and during each sales event on the eShop, there’s usually a couple of token AAA 1st party games that will go down digitally, too. Just takes a little patience and maybe subscribing to Dekudeals wishlist :)

Not necessarily. Depends what you are displaying. OLeds get extremely bright as needed. A mostly white image will eat up power more than nonoled. Black images are the reverse of that of course.

Regardless, it’s less battery use than non-OLED. I mean, unless you are staring at a pure white screen with the brightness jacked up. Don’t do that.

Yeah, my understanding is that OLED laptops have worse battery life in practice than their non-OLED counterparts. Phones tend to do better because more apps have true-black dark modes.

They get occasional $30-40 sales on the big first party games.

Except it’s not.

You are understanding correctly. It ends up being mostly a wash in normal use. Gaming is not dark mode web surfing.

OLED Advantages and Disadvantages | HowStuffWorks.


Well, if portability wasn’t something you cared about, a used WiiU (I bought mine for £90 on ebay) would give you a large percentage of the same games for super cheap prices. I have something like 20-odd Wii U games, average of £5-10 a game, only Zelda BotW and TP being £25 and 20. Not to mention the Wii compatibility… dirt cheap games there.

Three years later, and the Wii and WiiU backlog is finally waning, and sure, there will now be Nintendo games I’ll want and can’t have, but it’s surprising how little has come out since 2017 (that I’ve noticed and wanted to play).

Yeah, I picked up Fire Emblem, BotW, Smash, and Mario Kart for $40 or less. Kart was $0 as it came with the system. I also picked up Mario & Rabbids for $20 for the full gold package on the e-shop.

@Rock8man DekuDeals has been posted several times, and is the correct answer here. No they don’t drop and stay low, but there are not infrequent deals on even first party titles.

Marketing gobble speak talking about the technology. They are more efficient on a per pixel comparison. They are expotentially brighter which uses more power.

While OLED televisions provide a superior picture quality, they do consume more energy than their LED predecessors. On average, a 55" OLED television consumes roughly 98 watts per hour per day, while an LED TV of similar size consumes 57 watts per hour per day.Dec 23, 2020

So on a phone yes prolly longer battery life. For a gaming system I highly doubt unless it is an upgraded battery.

This is true in theory and often minimal in practice.

Are you factoring the time you spend to earn those points? What is your hourly rate at your job, times the hours spent earning points? :)

Don’t tell my boss, but I spend 5 minutes at work every morning on it before I start my actual job. :)

Ah, so your work subsidises your filthy gaming habit. Nice! :)