Nintendo Switch

Super Monkey Ball should definitely be a wait and see as the recent re-release of the Wii game did not get much good said about it. They have a lot to prove there.

Also, SMB is really tied to the Gamecube controller IMO, so it needs to work with that and I don’t think that’s confirmed.

I’m pretty happy with what they showed today given the pandemic is obviously affecting everything all these companies are doing. Metroid Dread has been spoken about as long as it’s been since they first tried to make it. I’m excited to play that for sure. A new Wario Ware game in the spirit of the originals is also a superb time waster that I will play.

On the Japanese stream, Cave announced Mushihimesama, Espgaluda II, and Dodonpachi Daifukkatsu are all getting Switch ports. Notably, this is the first time Espgaluda II is getting ported since the Japan-only Xbox 360 release eleven years ago.

Out of nowhere, these games are getting English releases as well - Mushihimesama was released today, and is $20 on the US eShop!

Holy smoke! Now that’s news!

What does the Gamecube controller do that the Switch controller doesn’t??

And apparently Charles Martinet is getting more voice work than he’s ever done in any other game!

Octagonal gate. It’s absolutely a major part of why the games have always been better on Gamecube than any other platform. You can lock into the eight directions and know you’re exacting in your controls.


Yeah, the competitive scene is all about the Gamecube controller.

There’s a competitive Super Monkey Ball scene? This I have to see.

Probably speedrunning. The amount of skill you can acquire in that game to lessen your times is insane.

Metroid Dread?

I’ll be in my bunk.

They’re saving it for Tokyo Game Show! ;)

Awesome! I’m so happy that’s releasing this year. It’s been a long time coming.

I feel the Japanese E3 trailer is even cooler:

Treehouse gameplay:

Yeah SMT V finally showing a release date was my highlight, also some indication that it isn’t dead. :)

New 2d Metroid, Breath of the Wild 2 looking awesome, and the cute Zelda handheld were cool too. Yeah it was pretty slim pickings I guess… mostly because they only tend to show titles landing this year and we already knew most of those.

No More Heroes III got a Treehouse presentation that wasn’t Live.

One gets the continuing impression that covid wfh basically just stole a full year of any development progress whatsoever from the entire Japanese videogames industry.

Which makes their continually awful vaccination progress even worse than it otherwise would be!

For fuck’s sake, finally. Every now and then I think about how much fun I had playing Crimzon Clover in the living room, and then I realize what a wasteland it is for premier shmups on the Switch.

Unfortunately, I already have DFK and Mushihimesama on Steam, so I guess I’m looking at Espgaluda II. I don’t know much about it.

I do like Mushihimesama a lot so I might double-dip as an excuse to play it more.

So what’s the current guess on when switch pro will get announced since the E3 dreams were crushed?

I heard that it’s getting announced tomorrow.

Tomorrow, 2025.

Please look forward to it.