Nintendo Switch

I’ve waited this long. God, I would hate it if I finally caved and got the regular Switch, and then they announce the Switch Pro this October.

This is the year of the Switch Pro, and Linux.

I really want to be in for Mario Golf, but the Switch Mario Tennis (from the same developer) was a big disappointment for me.

Not to undermine your concern, but maybe the four months of intervening Switch gaming would alleviate that somewhat? Especially since we don’t even know what a hypothetical Switch Pro would be or do or how much it would cost.

Then again, Nintendo might be waiting for you to buy a Switch so they can finally announce the Switch Pro. In that case, your indecision is just delaying the new system for the rest of us.

Take one for the team, Rock.

Hey, I bought one last week! Guess I don’t carry any karmic power.

It looked good on the Treehouse play to me. The interface had some nice touches.

But yeah, you might want to hang back for some reviews.

I don’t know who the developer is now, but most of the previous golf/tennis games were by the same developer (going back to the Gameboy versions), and I’ve always found the Golf games more compelling than Tennis.

Same developer as always, Camelot.

You can also get E.S.P.Rade Psi on the Japanese Switch eshop (it’s close to $50, though).

It’s still one of my favourite controllers just for that, and I also love the unusual but intuitive face button layout too. The N64 also had the octagonal notches didn’t it?

Hardware reveals haven’t been part of Nintendo’s E3 plan for nearly a decade now. Instead, Nintendo has often followed E3 with minor to major hardware announcements weeks or months later. It unveiled the Nintendo 2DS in August 2013; the New Nintendo 3DS in August 2014; the NES Classic in July 2016; the Super NES Classic in June 2017 ( after E3); and the Nintendo Switch Lite in July 2019. The original Nintendo Switch was revealed in October 2016, a comfortable distance from that year’s E3, a show that traditionally takes place in June.

Hmmmm, so then somewhere between July and October then.

Looking back, this seems to be the general trend post-N64. If it offers four-player local co-op (it looks like the new speed golf mode might be two-player local only, but the traditional golf is four) I’m probably onboard unless the initial impressions are bad. Nintendo also promise additional courses (and characters of course) will be added post release, so that’s good news.


Sigh. Ok, bought it.

My Switch haul so far:

  • Code for Super mario Odyssey
  • Code for Mario 3D All Stars
  • Code for Breath of the Wild

Hopefully these damn things will work when I finally get a Switch. Nintendo’s store won’t let me buy things until I activate my account on an actual Switch, and the same with redemption codes.

You have made excellent choices across the board.

There seems to be a ton of games on sale according to Dekudeals right now. I highly recommend picking up the Valiant Hearts/Child of Light package if you haven’t played these games already.

I bought Mario Golf for 3DS but was underwhelmed with the single player experience. I remember it not being well directed and just seemed like randomly playing courses with random characters I picked with no campaign behind it. But maybe I was just missing something? Anyone here play much of it?

Hopefully the Switch version fares better.

For those of you interested, Paper Mario is 50% off at Target right now

Physical copy only, it looks like. Do you buy physical cartridges for the Switch? Aren’t they super small? Does the Switch have 6 slots, like a 6 disc CD changer? That would be cool, then you could rotate through 6 games you have on physical media without ejecting any of them.