Nintendo Switch

With all the maps, status screen, inventory as “gadgets” filling the screen like in M2 releases!
Ah, if only…

That is actually real?!

Anya Taylor Joy as Peach
Charlie Day as Luigi (lol at Miyamoto calling him timid)
Jack Black as Bowser
Keegan Michael Key as Toad
Seth Rogen as Donkey Kong

All made by Illumination. Ok, fine, I’ll take my kids to go see it.

Chris Pratt as Mario sounds awful.

Because Chris Pratt, or because as Mario?

Honest question, thoughts on the Lego movies?

I liked the first Lego movie a lot. Less so the sequel.

I like Chris Pratt. I like Mario.

Chris Pratt as Mario just sounds like a bad choice.

Fair enough. Mario feels more like a straight man type, and Pratt an odd choice for it. I’m trying to think who would be a good fit though and striking out. Chris Hemsworth is great as a straight man in a wacky world, but is an even worse fit because I can’t imagine his voice coming out of someone who looks like… Mario.

reddit already figured out what’s going on with Bayonetta 3.

Bayo 1 and 2 spoilers, and probably Bayo 3 spoilers if they're right


I still have to finish 1, I… appreciate it, but am not big into it…

Bought ActRaiser and played through the first action part. Will dig in more this weekend and see how the changes they made work out. Not a fan of the graphics in the first side scrolling level but screenshots make later environments maybe look better? Hoping they didn’t ruin the settlement stuff, but at least they didn’t just get rid of it. One of my biggest disappointments as a child was discovering that Actraiser 2 had ditched that half of the game.

Everything is awesome.

Especially the first one, but the second one is an OK sequel to a movie which should be almost impossible to do a good sequel to.

It might not hit the mark for adults, but I’m 99% sure this is going to be good silly fun that most children and child-at-hearts will love.

This was my first real Nintendo Direct.

Are they usually this underwhelming? Seriously, the guy in charge of making the Nintendo 64 portion of the videos could have done a MUCH much better job. And the music choices throughout were terrible. Again, focusing on the N64, which I should have been super excited for, could have had way better video clips and music choices. Probably the Sega Genesis too, though I can’t comment specifically on that, maybe the Genesis was just a boring console and they didn’t have much to work with. But I KNOW the N64, and can comment on that part at least.

I don’t know about “underwhelming” but Nintendo Direct’s are a more low-key than the other platform holders’ shows.

I guess I always liked the idea of not doing “live shows” and doing pre-recorded presentations instead because then you could spruce up the audio/video presentation to a polished shine.

This is purely a problem of personal expectations and style preference. You are used to the bombast and Bayhem of other console manufacturers, which isn’t Nintendo’s game.

As for the Genesis, at the time they presented themselves as the cooler and edgier console to the kid friendly Nintendo.It wasn’t quite so true of the actual games, at the end of the day, but it definitely had a certain attitude.

It is a solid list of games. Start with Ecco and Sonic 2 with your kid.

The one trailer that I thought was an exception was the Metroid Dread trailer. Whoever put that together, I guess to put it in your terms, is more schooled in bombast and Bayhem. :)

My copy of Mario 3D World + Bowser’s Fury arrived from Gamefly. Whenever I’ve bought games from them in the past, they always come with manuals, all documentation intact. This game only had a case, and a cartridge inside. Nothing else. Is that how physical copies of these games normally are? Or is this a case where Gamefly didn’t include it?

By the way, the case is much smaller than a Playstation or Xbox case. I was able to put it into my pocket and sneak it into the house. Brilliant!

Yes this is how new Switch games are sold. No manuals only the cart.

Taste the cartridge. It is bitter.

And yet still way bigger than it needs to be.