Nintendo Switch

I just hope I don’t lose the SD card I bought before the actual Switch arrives. I’ve had several panic attacks already thinking I’d lost it. But the place where I put it was intuitive enough that I found it again.

True, but I appreciate that. Makes it harder to lose until I get an actual Switch.

Heck, if that’s what you want, you should have been watching the Japanese stream.

Quite a contrast with the “ominous” vibe of the English trailer.

The ominous angle is so laughable.

I think they could’ve done a better job with showing the N64/Genesis stuff, yeah. But they’re always pretty low key on presentation and music, and they don’t shake it up much.

The level of over/underwhelming in general? Pretty typical I think. A 3d Kirby and Splatoon 3 are a BFD for large groups of fans.

You guys have insane expectations. I don’t know what you look for, world peace or something!

Actually, it looks like it’s just one poster specifically that has these insane expectations…

I’d take world peace. I was most intrigued by the Voice of Cards game, but I’m probably on an island.

Also down for Disco Elysium and Wreckfest if they are good ports.

Yes, just me with insane expectations. Are you even a fan of the N64 Dave? Come on! Do you disagree they could have shown that off better?

I was just happy with the announcement, having never gotten the console or played its games (excepting Zelda at the army, not booting that one up again!).

Waiting to see what sort of upcharge they think it’s worth. I’d like to pick up the N64 controller though for PC use, assuming it works.

I hope they’ve substantially improved on the N64 controller with this new version too. I loved the original back then, but we’ve come a long way and modern analog sticks are much better than the one on the original N64. I’m assuming this one will have a more modern stick.

I can’t imagine they will and hope they don’t. They’re N64 controllers for people who want a compatible N64 controller.

They have a certain style all their own that you (may) grow to appreciate.

$50 for the new controllers seams high. 8bitdo charges half that for their Genesis controller which has six buttons and is Switch compatible.

It is high. The only thing I can figure is the pandemic is making it expensive to produce them and they don’t expect to sell that many in the first place so they’re a premium item that will be rather hard to get. The NES and SNES controllers were constrained as well.

Lots of folks speculating also that the reason we get the three button instead of the six-button in the US for Sega Genesis is because Retro-Bit has the license for that one here.

I thought it was solid. Two must-have games for us presented (Kirby and Splatoon 3), and 2 more “big” titles (Bayonetta 3 + Metroidvania) with big fan bases. Plus a bunch of stuff that might be of interest.

Content was good. Don’t care about the presentation as long as it does not get in the way of the content.

Yes! This has annoyed me about the Switch boxes. What waste. They should be the same size as 3DS boxes. Slimmer, even.

The size they are is the size they need to be, according to market research - to attract the fickle shoppers’ attentions… :)

The trailer music sounds like the same composer as Nier Automata. Which, you know, yes please.

The music is very good! I ended up playing through the demo on PS5 since the text size was a little small for me on Switch in handheld. I enjoyed it quite a bit.