Nintendo Switch

It’s not that the Switch system is uniquely onerous, it just gets exposed more because it’s a portable system so you have a lot more in the way of families having one system per person.

Though if we’re talking direct comparison with Steam, I do think the Switch winds up being significantly more restrictive in practice. First, on Steam there’s no concept of a single authorized “primary” machine, so you’re free to be signed in to two or three PCs, and if you want to be playing on both of them at the same time, you can go into offline mode on whichever of the machines is going to be playing an offline game.

Relatedly, if you don’t use offline mode, and get the “Your account has just started playing game X on machine Y. This current session is now being disconnected from Steam” popup, it doesn’t actually force-kill the game you’re in the middle of, just disables network features. On Switch, this scenario will immediately suspend the game on the secondary system.

And finally, since Steam is just one of several available clients on PC, the second PC can just play a game from any of the others.

No, PlayStation’s solution is far more generous. So is Xbox. You can even play the same game on two systems at the same time.

Steam and Nintendo are both similarly, and annoyingly, restrictive. Steam’s only advantage is you could authorize more than 2 devices to use a single library, but you are still always restricted to one person playing at any time without resorting to using offline mode to game the restriction.

My walmart order is still showing the order as being “placed”. Not “preparing” or “On the Way” or “Delivered”. But it’s still claiming it should be here today. Huh. I don’t believe them.

I guess I’ll wait until tomorrow to contact customer service to see what’s up. I’ve never called Walmart customer service before.

I’m guessing that “what’s up” is they didn’t get enough inventory to fulfil pre-orders. Like I said upthread, my local Video Games Etc had two dozen pre-orders (and more) and only got… six units. And I had my pre-order in the weekend before pre-orders were announced, and was the 5th pre-order in that list. I just happened to be trading in a Vita and asked if they were taking pre-orders and they were, when at that time the only official pre-orders were all in the UK.

What Is the point of an OLED switch when you don’t even use a TV anymore?
You also can’t share anything between the OLED and any other switch without having to wipe your entire system.

If you don’t use your TV and are playing it undocked, the OLED is the best way to play.

I only have one Switch, so I am not an expert, but this doesn’t seem right. I know there is a primary device on your account, but you can have multiple accounts and play games on them. What do you mean by “anything”? You can share games, though saves will be local without the subscription to Nintendo Online, and not all games support that (for some reason). Do you mean sharing media? That’s all local as well, but it saves to the cloud - when I signed into my new Switch my Media followed me around, which I was not expecting.

Umm to have the best visual experience in handheld mode?

Am getting the upcoming pokemon switch lite for sentimental reasons since I grew up on Diamond and $150 for a slightly better switch doesn’t seem worth it to me.

I’d rather just be able to afford Brilliant Diamond and Dread since most games are hilariously overpriced around the $60-$120 range compared to its competition where most games are in the $20-$40 range.

Also found it greedy that the remake is 200% the cost of the original with only the underground getting a rework and that shitty chibi design versus the better art style they had for let’s go eevee and Sw/Sh.

The switch Lite is not OLED so I’m really not sure what your getting at as you are all over the place.

In regards to Burn in, it’s overblown. The Playstation Vita was OLED and the tech has only gotten better since then.

Edit: and now you deleted it so I look like I’m all over he place :)

That’s very short sighted - you’re going to have a better hand-held experience with the larger display, in fact I know two folks irl that regret getting a Lite as they have a hard time seeing/reading text on many games. Yeah, it’s more expensive, but you’ll be gaming on it for years and every game is made better by the upfront investment.

I mean I have a New 3DS XL and can read that just fine and it has even smaller screens. The Lite’s screen is bigger than that closed. Do they have sight problems and require glasses? Because if so, that’s not a hardware problem. That’s just their personal health they are accommodating.

Shrug. Your call…

My advice for anyone who’s asked is always that the main switch over the lite is the right call in 99% of cases. The lite is basically the ideal second console though.

I’m still trying to wade through all the indie crap to find games worth playing on the switch. Three houses and Dread are alright from what I’ve seen. Still waiting on Prime 4, which I feel the announcements were delayed this year to gauge the reaction to Dread before moving in that direction.

If anything, the reason to buy the main unit over the Lite is if anything happens with stick drift, you’re screwed with the Lite. With the regular Switch, you can just buy new controllers.

I’ve played both Three Houses and Dread.

If you are interested in those games at all, they are both no brainers. Dread is a fantastic modern take on Super Metroid, extremely faithful to the game, while also making changes to take advantage of modern lessons in game design.

Three houses is a fantastic example of tactical RPG, if you also enjoy the JRPG style storytelling/ school calendar management thing.

Also lots of great indie games on Switch. Hades is worth your time for sure. Sure there are bad games there, but if you want good ones, well, it is not lacking.

But, seriously, from a guy who bought a Gamecube exclusively so I could play Prime 1 back in the day, just get Dread. It might be my game of the year.

Developers on 3DS did a good job of making text legible on the small screen. Developers on Switch do a terrible job making sure text is legible on anything other than an HDTV. I had to play all of Three Houses on the TV because the text was so small in handheld even on a standard Switch. The Lite is much worse.

I had no such readability issues, personally, but this is definitely something that can vary from person to person.

There is a super awkward zoom option since version 8 of the system or something. Press’some button combination and a zoom window will appear.
It’s a slight concession to us dotards, but besides developers giving a damn about font size, it is the only workaround.
Well, excepting an actual magnifying lens, that might work too.

I smell a business opportunity!