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That makes sense.

The other problem I ran into is I’m going to have to learn to ignore the button prompts on the screen sometimes. In the Claw game, it says to press X to make the claw go North, and A to make it go east. Which only makes sense if you don’t go by the actual letters, but actually North and East. Then I would automatically think Y and B if I reverse them.

Edit: No wait, I’m confusing myself. If the buttons are reversed, it wouldn’t be Y and B. I just don’t want to reverse the buttons in that situation. D’oh!

Yeah, that’s an issue. Similarly, some games have prompts that just show the diamond arrangement with one button highlighted, rather than a letter prompt.

I would probably learn to live with those sorts of issues, but then it turns out that button remapping is disabled for some reason on the Split Pad Pro. And I don’t want to go back to using joy-cons, or confuse myself by having a different layout in handheld vs tv mode. So I just gave up on remapping in general.

Nintendo Switch Online + Expansion Pack goes live tomorrow.

You should all be aware that there’s a Switch Online outage starting at 7PM EDT today, 10/25. It may last for upward of three hours. When it’s done, presumably you can upgrade to Expansion Pack for a prorated price based on what’s left of your current subscription. If you don’t have Switch Online, the price for Expansion Pack is $50 a year for a single user or $80 for up to eight “family” users.

Also, I may be the only one, but I ordered an N64 controller and it shipped today. They are real and are on the way.

Shin Megami Tensei 5 is something I’m keen to check out - it will be my first SMT game but it sounds like the kind of JRPG that I’d be into, and I’ve been tempted many times to pick up titles in the past for older systems when they were the hot new thing. I believe @ShivaX has enjoyed this franchise in the past on 3DS, for instance, but this will be my own first time in.

I don’t 100% know what to expect, I’ll admit, but I’m still pretty excited to have something like this to dig into, and from what I have seen it looks great and folks are digging it - a preview embargo has dropped and while it’s frustratingly strict (only the first few hours can be discussed and no footage may be shown) it’s a very strong start, from what I’ve gleaned.

Did you play any Persona games? Persona is a SMT spin-off so it’s very similar to that in terms of core battling and demon fusing.

I … uh, have not, really. I started Persona 5 when it was free and I had just gotten my PS5 and I was enjoying it for the first hour (VERY early) but then my cousin was telling me he had a copy of the superior Persona 5 Royal so he loaned it to me and it’s sitting on my shelf right now, unopened…

Shameful. ;)

Persona 5 is sensational. SMT is a lot more focused with a different kind of feel, as it lacks a lot of that extra school socialisation stuff that Persona added.

SMT is goth pokemon. I love it, but that’s fundamentally what it is.

The biggest different from Persona is that it’s more of a dungeon crawl format than Persona’s JRPG format. It’s generally crueller, with higher difficulty and more skill checks. Lots of emphasis on elemental weaknesses, such that you can get 1-shotted pretty easily if you aren’t specced correctly. So, it really rewards weird min-maxing on breeding, etc, in a way that you can in Persona, but it isn’t as necessary. There will definitely be a learning curve as you get acclimated to the magic system and demons since a lot of players will be steeped in them for years, just learning what the various nouns mean, and internalizing which demons will probably have which kinds of abilities.

But it’s definitely a top tier JRPG series in general. Strange Journey / Strange Journey Redux is probably the best most recent one? Very excited for SMTV.

They are games that are not meant to be finished in general though Scott: the endgame is always boring, and excepting for 4 and strange journey, near impossible with absurdly insane last bosses. The story premises also is always very intriguing but ends up being stupid. Think JJ Abrams material, with a very Manichean spin. That’s how those games go, it is their promise since the second game in the series.
Anyway they are good games to enjoy for their mechanics, but they won’t provide you with anything that, say, a dragon quest game will give you aplenty (that RPG series is special for a reason). The combat is fun and very exciting while the monster breeding last.

That’s a lovely sentiment. Not meant to be finished! I love it. Now I don’t have to feel bad about leaving things where it was still good. Like the last Jurassic World movie, I saw it until they got off the island, which was supposedly only the beginning of the movie, but it felt like a good ending to me, so I stopped watching.

That’s a powerful power, to be free to ignore what others want to impose upon us.
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Haha, that is a very accurate way to put it. I love them, but always run out of steam on SMT games before the end, usually because they’re long enough that I just drift away, or because of a difficulty spike I don’t want to grind through. As you say, the plots arent ever anything special, and the end boss is always super difficult by design.

For your first SMT, I’d say the useful version translates to: feel free to pull the cord and quit whenever you start losing interest.

The Genesis is supposed to be working beautifully in the new Online Expansion, but people aren’t happy with the quality of the N64 emulation. Issues include:

  • Consistent Input lag
  • Bizarre button layout that can’t be remapped
  • Framerate issues
  • Sound delay and garbled music
  • Texture issues
  • Controller Pack error in certain games (Winback, Mario Kart 64) since they didn’t emulate any version of it.

“Not meant to be finished” is how I treat most post-SNES JRPGs and Assassin’s Creed games! And I still get my money’s worth.

Well playing online with other people on games that were not meant to deal with online latency is always going to be troublesome. The same thing happened with the NES VC when I was playing with a friend oversea.
SNS shitposters gotta post shit, I guess.

In any case, I have zero issue with the N64 thing: I didn’t notice any latency in the inputs, nor any other issue. I wished you could remap the right stick to the 4 right face buttons, but the default control scheme is pretty darn cool for Tsumi to Batsu (I can see how it could be problematic potentially with some other games though).

Just a quick heads up for people like me who treat the Switch like a portable/TV arcade machine… the entirety of the Capcom Arcade Stadium is $29.99 right now on sale. The three packages are $11.99 each if you don’t want all the games at once. They are also now selling individual titles for $1.99 each, but the $30 price for everything is obviously the best deal.

You can also buy individual games if you are only interested in a few, but clearly the pack is quite an incredible deal, as about 80% of the games are worth extended playtime.

It’s definitely one of Capcom’s strongest ever collections and the problems around launch were apparently fixed in a patch too.

I can attest to that: the sound emulation was quite horrible at first, but it’s pretty decent now.
The only standing issue on the Swithc is that, if you play with the Arcade machines displayed and effects around you, the game will skip frames if you force your Switch to 1080p.
If set to auto, it will display smoothly and finely, using some of that scaling magic. It’s just an issue with the forced setting. It helped me in a couple of other games too, so I keep that setting that way.
And zero issues in portable mode.

Games got a large amount of convenient option if you’re not playing for the score, and got lots of events if you are playing for it.
Really a great collection.
I just wished they would include the big missing ones, like King of Dragons, Black Tiger, Magic Sword and… gasp AD&D games, pretty please? :O

Those are not included? :(

Also what about the ‘special bundle bonus’, Ghosts 'n Goblins? I guess that is not included in any of the three packs, and you’d otherwise have to buy it separately.