Nintendo Switch

It’s so good I can barely believe it.

And I can’t believe that Sports Story still isn’t out! -_-

Is that the sequel?


Damn that looks amazing!

It does!

Unfortunately, it was meant to release mid-2020, but got delayed. No later release date has been given, and last word from the devs was in June.

Literally no idea what Golf Story is but for $3.42 (with whatever gold points) I now own it because of you lot.

This thing better be worth the price of a small coffee!

I played and really liked this one last year. It is very stripped down, graphically, and has a frustrating amount of grinding until random, unhinted-at abilities manifest during encounters. But it is a really compelling turn-based system that heavily relies on structuring turns, like SMT V, and has an unusual open world structure that works great portably.

And I don’t really care for the Switch touchscreen, but this is a JRPG with the option of playing with good touchscreen controls, if that’s your thing.

Golf Story is soooo good. You won’t regret it!

My wallet is feeling much poorer right now for it, but I picked up the Nintendo Pro Controller from Walmart yesterday for $50. I opened it today at work, tried out how it feels.

Wow, I’m very impressed. It fills my hands like a controller hasn’t done since the original Xbox Duke. Very nice. It’s pretty heavy too, not sure if that will be an issue later or not, but it’s probably the heaviest controller I’ve ever used.

Overall, feels great. I can’t wait to use it.

It’s a great controller.

I never use anything but the Pro Controller…I wouldn’t own a Switch without one.

Which is funny, because my use case is 100% either joycons docked to the Switch in portable mode, or Gamecube controllers playing multiplayer such as Mario Kart.

But I never get sole control of the TV so…

I don’t think I’ve used it in portable mode since the first few weeks I had it. Yet I preordered the Valve Steam Deck…I aint bright.

Shhh, my kids don’t know it can be used away from the TV yet.

Heck yeah, if everything goes according to plan, my kid will never find out.

I like my pro controller, but think the dpad is still way too mushy. I enjoy using this controller more than the pro controller with my switch:

I was curious, is the dpad on those new 8bitdo models comparable to their m30? I have the older version of the sn30, and it used to be quite… Well, shit.

I never used the sn30, but the one on the Pro 2 is really great IMO.

Agreed on the SN30. Not the best of the 8bitdo controllers.

I’d use the M30 over pretty much any other option though if you want straight up gamepad and buttons.