Nintendo Switch


It’s really easy to change accounts. Every time you start a game it just asks you who you want to play as. But even better: you can play a JP game with your normal account. You just need the JP account to buy it on the shop.


Yup, I am doing that right now.



This makes things easier.

Now to see if the JP version will be localized into English or if it will be the Asia region only like in the previous games.

This is what Play-Asia tells me

But I am not going to preorder an $80-100 game on an “extremely likely” indication.


Yeah and if you don’t want multiple accounts, you can just change your region temporarily in your Nintendo account to buy on non-native eShops. The caveat being that you can’t have any cash balance as it doesn’t carry across.


Ouch, pretty heavy caveat!


Interesting. I just made a second account for JP. One downside is that you then get flooded with news updates in Japanese as long as you have that account on the system. So your way is probably better.


I think you can configure that now (although it’s a bother, going through that list to deactivate stuff one by one with no search function), with the new “feed” settings from the news app.


Geez. That’s pretty cool. So, to sum up: the Switch is great for importing.


Maybe? I never have any excess, I always get ‘required amount only’ using Paypal. Unsure if my Paypal would work on Japanese store though…


It won’t: Nintendo checks your location with paypal (or you need a paypal account tied to a Japanese payment, in that case)…
I should say, that was the case with me and my US Nintendo shop ventures — but I hardly see Nintendo not going to the same extent with their darling Japanese eShop.


I grabbed the new (old) Mario from Wii-U, remastered Deluxe edition, and fucking boy howdy do I suck at Mario now. Jeez. It’s taken me almost a week (mostly because I only play like 5 minutes before I throw my hands up in a rage) to get to World 3. Ah, I remember when I rocked Mario. When did he control like an oversized boat on the land? I can not time my jumps right, I’m constantly landing directly in front of enemies or jumping just to the left or right of a power block, and it’s driving me extra mad because I’m having fun otherwise. Dammit.

I think Spelunky ruined 2D platformers for me.


I have that same problem when I don’t play Mario 2D platformers for a while. You’ll get there.

That game is amazing, though. I really think it’s the best of the 2D Mario games.


Something about the new 2D Mario games just felt… off to me, physics-wise. It’s a real bummer but I tried repeatedly and just never clicked with them. Same with Tropical Freeze (which looked like it was on the same engine and would explain that one).


Frankly, this is how I felt about Mario since the first time I played its scrolling variants. I made it to 1-3 in the first Super Mario Bros. once. Two buttons’ already a crowd!
When I watch my wife perfecting those last levels in all the iterations, I just know this won’t ever be for me.


Did they fix the overly long animation of you getting kicked out to the world map and having to manually re-enter the level on every death? That basically killed that game for me on Wii U.


In normal levels, the screen just fades to black and when you can see again you are back on the world map. In fortresses and the like, you get “kicked out” and after the fade back to the map see a brief animation of Mario getting thrown out the door into the map again. It’s so fast I wouldn’t call it a problem. It helps the Switch loading times are really fast.

I’m enjoying my time with it (and @Left_Empty you may be interested to hear the new character, an adorable purple Toad lady is selectable as a player and she controls very nicely, like I am used to from Spelunky, but she’s listed as “easier” and is indeed pretty easy to play as so I’m trying to use Mario first) but I need to get “back into Mario” mode which is hard when I have so many other cool games on my plate.


But now it will! My brain is bending


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If you haven’t played Steamworld Dig 2, I can’t recommend it highly enough. Perfect for a flight. Incredibly satisfying gameplay loop. Cleverly designed bespoke puzzle rooms. Fun Metroid-style progression thanks to a great set of ability upgrades.

Also: one of my favorite game soundtracks in years!


I did get Monster Boy, and I will say it’s very charming, even to a wargamey strat gamey nerd such as myself. Really like how simple and tight the controls are, love the art style.

Not too far in, only some ways after getting pig boy, but a real joy so far.


Thanks to @Left_Empty from the old thread for mentioning New Atlas 1469, which I had never heard of before. Some of the caveats make me think waiting for a sale is the right move, but it looks like it could be a good modern substitute for Uncharted Waters.