Nintendo Switch

I never played that Blade Runner game, but I do have it, I think it came on several CDs. That was always the enticing part. Oh man! So many CDs!

Of course, my currently computer doesn’t even have a way of reading those CDs anymore. And I think the game is in a box in a closet in my mom’s house somewhere.

You can run it straight with Scummvm or just rebut it in GoG

Not just Switch. It’s coming out on Xbox and PS4 too. I never played it on PC the first time around, so I might pick it up on Xbox eventually.

For explorators of the weird, the oddity Silk, with its gameplay arkening back to the early Microprose or Spectrum days, is for sale for a single euro in Europe, but it goes on sale regularly. Just wanted to spread the word!

Careful: the interface is as unintuitive as you’d dream of it.

Must read: the user manual that was lost for 40 years and that Dark Blue Monkey found and shared on Steam.

Sadly it is $13 in Burgerland

It will go back to 1$ shortly, it’s been on sale practically since it’s been released (which hints it didn’t do well, I guess…)

Game is complicated as fuck even on a PC.

I just reread Invisible Cities so I think I’m in the right mood to give this a shot.

It kind of looks like Curious Expedition 2 or something?

Does it? It’s more of a Seven Cities of Gold designed by Singleton instead of Bunten. Which is probably not a plus!

The vibe is sort of similar, but of course far less fanciful. Not quite as well written either, but it’s a video game so, eh. Also, more bartering with, trying to avoid, or fighting raiders. I like it a lot, but it’s not without flaws and occasional incomprehensibilities.

Also, note that if you bought one of those Humble Itch social justice bundles, you already own it.

Or that big Itch bundle with 1000 games from a couple years back.

Oops. Yeah, that’s the one I meant.

It might have been in both! Pretty sure it’s been in two big popular bundles.

Possibly. But, those both might have been Itch? I’m not sure, but Itch definitely had a second bundle with mostly the same games as the previous with a few newer ones for Trans rights within the last year or so. I’m honestly not sure if Humble had something similar. For my post, my mind instantly linked “bundle of games” with Humble, even though Itch is how I got Silk Road.

I put about 40 minutes into it this evening and I like it! I’ll probably restart when I pick it up again now that I’ve got a bit of a better grip on the interface.

Speaking of which. I have CE1 on switch. I like it but haven’t put a ton of tike into it. How does CE2 compare. Is it demonstrably better than the first game?

CE2 is mainly a refinement of the CE1 formula, with cleaner graphics. While I enjoy it, there’s not much novelty factor over CE1. If you aren’t spending time with CE1, you probably should pass or pick it up on sale someday.

Kind of tempted by Donkey Kong, but then I remembered, no, that’s 2D gameplay. It will probably be as impossibly hard for me as the 2D Mario games, both the classic and the new one that I can’t make progress in. Same with Super Mario Maker 2, of course. I like the trend that this sale represents though. This means that one day the new Kirby game will hit the $42 price point too!

Anyone who doesn’t have Super Mario Odyssey yet should get it.

Diablo 3 for $30, Diablo Prime Evil Collection for $36 are probably worth getting if you don’t have them on Xbox or PS.

I’m tempted by Mario + Rabbid Gold for $15.
I’m also tempted by Paper Mario for $42, even though I’ve never played one of those.
A-Train: All Aboard! Tourism gets talked about on this forum a lot. $42 also.
Mario & Sonic at the Tokyo Olympics 2020 is tempting at $42.

Do it!

Also worth checking out: