Nintendo Switch

The River City Ransom anthology + Kunio brawlers thing compilation is on sale for half off, maybe 1-2 twice a year normally, right now

Kuniokun, River City Ransom Double Dragon collection is 50% off: Double Dragon & Kunio-kun: Retro Brawler Bundle for Nintendo Switch - Nintendo Official Site

Picked it up as well as Shovel Knight Treasure Trove, and Pac Museum. The Switch is turning out to be my classics anthology machine like my PSP was.

I have piles of Arcade Archives releases and other retro on Switch. It’s easily my most goto device for retro gaming other than the original hardware.

I haven’t picked up any for those. Do they have anything other than an emulator wrapper? Cheats options? At $10 CAD they are kind of steep for me.

They have a ton of options in them for customizing the visual display. I’m pretty sure you also have access to all the DIP Switch settings that allow you to change things to add lives, etc. You can also make vertical screen arcade games play vertically by turning your Switch longways. It’s awesome.

The best thing IMO is that they have a dedicated High Score mode with a worldwide leaderboard. Usually score games have a “Caravan mode” too where you try to score as much as you can in five minutes of gameplay.

They’re all high quality releases. They also do go on sale occasionally. Once you buy one of them you’ll know how they all work.

I can also easily recommend every one of the Sega Ages releases. Those are also absolutely phenomenal retro packages. Get OutRun for sure, but man… there are so many great ones. They may be on sale right now in fact.

My favourite part about the leaderboard is how many familiar names there are. It’s a small community, like Cheers.

I have the Sega Ages releases for Thunder Force IV and Phantasy Star, which are easily two of the best ports I’ve ever played. They’re packed with loads of quality of life features, including new additions like an automap for the latter’s dungeon crawling sections, which go a long way to making them essential for fans. I recently picked up G-Darius, a stellar shoot em up given a gorgeous update from always brilliant M2, and it’s just a joy. The weird and massive mechanical fish creatures your puny ship goes up against make for a welcome change from traditional space or fantasy settings. It’s on sale right now. I’m also quite tempted by Radiant Silvergun but I might wait until it receives a discount, though it’s hard to resist those classic Saturn/arcade aesthetics.

Graveyard Keeper is better than Stardew Valley.

My 12-y/o son just bought a Switch with his own funds that he’s been saving because he really wanted to try that Kirby game (which he also bought.) Any other games he can get for cheap? Do Switch tentpoles ever go on sale?

30% at most, once or twice a year. is your friend

Yeah, it’s driving me crazy. I check every week for a deal on Luigi’s Mansion.

I think last year it went on sale for BF/Halloween is all.

According to Dekudeals Walmart had it for $30 in the black friday sale in 2020. Oh if only I’d looked that far ahead back then.

Of course, back then I didn’t own a Switch, so I considered $30 quite a steep price for a game.

Thanks! Some decent deals on there. I’m sure I can find something for him on there (almost certainly something I already own on another platform, but what can you do?)

And yes I see that Nintendo first party games that have been out for well over a decade still retail for $60 and have awesome sale prices at $50.

Oh, and keep an eye on as well. When games are new, they tend to get more copies, and then soon after they get rid of the excess copies. So when a Nintendo game is brand new, it will be full price, but only two or three months later, look for a “used bestseller” sale on Gamefly, and you will likely get a nice bargain on the cartridge from there.

That’s how I got the new Kirby game for $35 last month. You likely won’t see that price at retail again for a while.

dekdeals is a deal tracker btw

I think that’s highly dependent on what you’re looking for in such a game. If you really want to be focused around your farm then Stardew Valley is probably better. If it’s just having a variety of daily activities to do around your little village then Graveyard Keeper might be it, there are a lot of different ways for you to split your time.

Once you get used to the Pro Controller, and months later you go back to the Joy-cons for some 2 player action, it suddenly hits you: Oh yeah, the Joy-cons have HUUUUUUGE input lag unless you have direct sight with the console. Ugh.

Even in a game like Captain toad, which doesn’t require too much precision or reflexes, the input lag is completely intolerable.

Hey kid, want to switch controllers?

Why are you crying?

I bought Hori pads that make NS look like gamepad. They’re not really high quality. From day 1 sticks started sometimes drift, but it passes after you do aa couple of circles and it only happened a couple of times. I’d say it’s much better for action games but it also misses vibration and motion controls you only need in games like that. Also no remote controls naturally.

Dorfromantik came out on the Switch at the end of September; I just picked it up today.

Haven’t played it before, and I was a little surprised at how long my first game took. I like it though, I can see getting into this as a relaxing game. October is going to be a busy month for me though so I’m not sure I’ll get much gaming in, but I look forward to dabbling more with this when I have the chance.

Are the controls ok? I was holding off on PC version due to apparently poor controller support.