Nintendo Switch

Thanks guys that’s great! Looks like I’m going shopping for Mario games then!!!

(Or his Nan is at any rate!)

Does anyone have any experience with the Switch port of Signalis? After reading PCG’s rave review, I’m very interested to play a spooky survival horror in bed, but I would love to know how it fairs performance-wise first before pulling the trigger.

Also quite randomly the hack and slash classic Blade of Darkness (aka Severance) popped up on the eshop 21 years after it’s initial release, with a tempting 40% off discount to boot. Loved the gory original!

So, my Switch has been dormant for a year, but I got a sexy new projector the other day (Samsung Free style. It’s a smart tv, smart speaker and projector all rolled into one) so I think I’ll hook my Switch up.

I am wondering, is there a game like Elden Ring on the Switch?

I might end up attaching the spare laptop to the projector, but I do like using the Switch.

Dark Souls Remastered is on Switch.

Why didn’t anyone tell me Front Mission finally dropped on the Switch, and that’s it’s on sale?

The former Arcade classic Elevator Action Returns released yesterday too! Previously, the only home versions were in a poor PS2 Taito collection that featured heavy sprite filtering and input lag or a highly accurate Saturn port that unfortunately was a prohibitively expensive and rare JP exclusive. I plated for about an hour before bed last night and had a great time.

The trailer made it look like the lowest effort remake, substituting the terrific original pixel art and dynamic animations with some bland 3D models moving stiffly. I am very surprised this was given the go, knowing the usual quality of Square remakes.

Just justifying my silence, as a desperate fan of the first game ;)

This version is actually the Saturn port, not the Arcade original (although good luck distinguishing them).
I loved the first level of the Saturn version, which respected the original Elevator Action formula, but didn’t enjoy the rest of the levels, which were more Rolling Thunder affairs, with lots of learning instead of the quietly strategic and reflex based gameplay of the older, score based, game. And also, classical arcade difficulty spikes,

The older game is available on the Switch as well, in the wonderful Arcade Archives collection, with online leaderboards too!

Oh cool! I personally love the stage variety, at least so far. I was worried it was going to be just a fixed-perspective vertical affair, which could grow stale quick, so when it switched it up and threw new enemy types at me and dynamically shifted between horizontal and vertical movement planes it was very much my jam. It’s a phenomenal looking 2D game. The OG game comes as a bonus in this release too, but I haven’t checked it out yet.

oh, that is swell. I don’t remember seeing that extra advertised anywhere !

The original Saturn release had the OG game in it too.

So are we getting the FM1 remake or what?


7/10 - from someone who never played the series

I’ll wait for a deeper discount even though I really liked the pixel art of the original. I wonder if the unfinished aborted fan patch for the ROM plays it playable enough.

I think it’s worth waiting. It does LOOK great, but unfortunately it seems like the gameplay is messy. One thing is true and @Left_Empty touched on it, Square-Enix remakes often don’t live up to the hope we all have for them.

I actually said the reverse! I enjoyed a bunch of their remakes… but I come to the realization right now that they were all 2D ones. No matter how great the 3D was, it usually was too much of a downgrade compared to the original art to me.

Ironically, in the first Front Mission case, I am missing the heavy slowdowns (a staple, somewhat, of the Super Nintendo) that made some of the more hurting hits feel that much powerful. A bad becoming a good!

Anyway, it sounds to me like some reviewer (well, Nintendolife’s) picked the wrong skills. It is true it was a pretty huge caveat in the first game: there was hardly any balance and all the characters had to be using a similar skillset depending on a single difference: melee or anything ranged. It is why I liked the game though, because getting on top of that chickian parabola felt really great.

It is true though that the early game was usually a slog in most early SRPG, until you got so familiar with the game you knew what to level and how to level it as quick as possible to escape that slog.

I’m hoping to catch somebody playing it to have a better idea. Maybe my next quarterly playthrough of the game will be this version after all!

It’s the 3D remakes that seem to be the ones that suffer the most. It does sound like graphically that’s not the case here. It looks like this was done by the same people who did the Panzer Dragoon remake.

what a cool recommandation ! I had ignored it before your comment. I picked it up, and wow, what an incredibly cool fighting system. my switch just ran out of batteries, but i’m very much looking forward to playing more of it.

I’ll probably pick it up when I can, if only to encourage more Front Mission in the future.