Nintendo Switch


For what it’s worth, Wargroove is cross platform between PC, Switch, and Xbox. And the Xbox version specifically is “Play Anywhere” so buying it once there will also get you a PC version (through the Microsoft store on pc).

Even levels created in the editor are portable between platforms!

But it really does seem like a perfect game for Switch. I’m not concerned at all about controls since it seems similar to the Advance Wars series which started on GBA.


Yeah, the Star Fox racing game was what everyone thought Nintendo had at The Game Awards but never showed. Maybe they made a last minute decision just before that to put THAT on hold so they could move Metroid Prime 4 to Retro?

It’s a bummer, but bad games are forever just like the good ones. Better to let the guys who know it make it. If it’s even close to the level of the first and second game, it’ll be awesome. There is nothing like Metroid Prime on any other system IMO.


If only such a decision could have been made back then against Tecmo :O


I also wonder if the completely disaster that is Starlink from UbiSoft which included Star Fox very prevalent in the marketing of the Switch version scared the hell out of Nintendo using that character for a full game and that could put the Retro Star Fox game totally on ice. It would be very much like Nintendo to do that.


That’s true, plus I played a lot of Fire Emblem and that was all d-pad controlled and it was totally fine. I’m probably just over thinking it. It’s nice to have a game on PC I can play like this while I watch Netflix and the like, but of course, I can do that equally well on Switch so maybe that’s the best place to get this.


I’ve often found that a game like Wargroove is actually better with a d-pad and buttons compared to a mouse and keyboard.


No question for me that Switch is going to be the preferred platform for Wargroove. Advance Wars controls always felt plenty natural.


I’m guessing you guys have seen this thread, but if you have a Switch and any affection for Goichi Suda aka Suda51 and his twenty year career… well…

Don’t read about it too much. Just play it.


Why didn’t anyone tell me they were releasing an Advance Wars clone? “Wargroove”? I don’t think I ever would have looked at a game with a name like that.

Thanks for the heads up (or reminder, because I’m suddenly thinking I had seen this before somewhere)! And, yes, you should totally go for the Switch version. If it actually plays anything like Advance Wars, it will be great for the on-the-go gaming. If you don’t have to choose between handheld and home gaming, why would you?


I mean… pretty much this, for sure! :)


I asked some time ago on the Wargroove subreddit whether the game would have async multiplayer (it being the one thing I missed in Advance Wars: Dark Conflict). No idea if it was ever implemented but I’d be very happy if it did!

Oh, ooo:


Ooh, I was already interested in this, but that would bump it way up the priority queue.


Just found this:

“Rather than rush players to take their turn, we’ve opted for an asynchronous approach, where a player can have multiple games going at the same time. You’ll be able to ‘send’ a move to an opponent, for them to respond to in their own time.”

Sounding promising!


I mean that video was an emotional roller coaster for me.

Metroid Prome 4 news? Hooray! 8
Not up to snuff… sinking fast 5
Restarting development… bottoms up 1
… with Retro Studios? Bounce back some 4

So boo delay, hooray in doing the right (?) thing for the game and series. How many other studios would have either cancelled outright or just rushed it out he door at this point?


It’s weird. Prime and Echoes I loved. Corruption got off to a rocky start and stumbled in varia places (I’m keeping that predictive typo). Retro risked losing me with the almost Halo-like intro but the game settled back into its lonely, alien and seductive steady pace. Some of the latter sections and environments won me back over but that stumbling definitely gave me pause over Retro’s direction in their last game.


I hear you. When @Mike_Cathcart said it this morning I thought he was full of it. Turned out the game was the it I guess?

You’re right though, it’s rare that we get a public cancellation like this and I really appreciate that. I mean, Nintendo has put out some mediocre or oddball things in every year of their existence. Usually there are redeeming qualities even in those products, so they must have seen something in this that really upset them.

I’m definitely curious about what happens to whatever Retro was working on before this, though. The Star Fox game seemed rather solid despite no announcement. Enough people had commented and a logo was spotted and everything. I really wonder if that UbiFail played a role too?

Either that or it’s done… which would be cool too of course.

@geggis, Yeah, Corruption isn’t as good as the first two, but it’s still pretty great. Remember also that was their first real shot at motion controls, which I guess we can likely NOT expect in MP4? I think that played a role in the game’s uneven feel. Halo was HUGE then, too. No surprise that they were trying to incorporate some of that style in there…


I thought the Corruption controls were great. Loved yoinking shields out of space pirates’ hands with the grappling hook. They may make a return thinking about ARMS, and I’d gladly take gyro aiming too as per Splatoon.


I agree they were great. I even liked unlocking doors and stuff like that. I do think time spent on that stuff affected the overall game, though because it moved them into different territory.

I think also when you look at how they did the Donkey Kong games, they tried really hard to minimize that sort of thing and really focus on the game first. Tropical Freeze especially is super traditional and yet the graphic and level design is brilliant, much like the first two Prime games.


That reminds me, I really need to play that. Picked up the Wii U version just before I realised a Switch version was coming. Is there any major differences between the two?


John Linneman aka Dark1x has a nice writeup on the differences at Eurogamer.

Basically, Funky Kong (EZ MODE), dual JoyCon co-op, shorter load times, prettier with a resolution bump, etc.