Nintendo Switch

I did read about some switches having problems with the right joycon in particular. No real fix though.


Drill holes in the cabinet.

That trailer totally sells me on this game, even though I hate invisible creatures in 99% of games. But, ugh. I’m trying to hold off on buying new games till I play through more of what I have sitting on the sidelines, so I’ve wishlisted this for now.

Oh…I’m going to…but not on the front.

Oh nice! Do let us know how you get on and if you manage to play it with some friends. My preferred mode is control zones because it strikes a good balance between chaos and calculation with ever-mounting tension as each player tries blocking the leader.

@kerzain I know the feeling!

There was a strange “Dog Day” (it seems it is that day, somewhere in the world) news bit on the Nintendo Channel just now.
AdvertisingRecommanding game with dogs in them, supposedly… First was Astral Chain, because some people move fast and are acute as dogs, uh, right…
Then the second recommandation was… Dark Souls, for Sif.

It also has dogs you can pet, and ride. Well, robotic dogs… actually, alien robotic dogs, I think. But you can pet and ride them. And you can also use them to rip your enemies to shreds. And if your alien robot dog dies in the process you can just summon another one later. The game also has cats, but real cats, not robot cats. Well, real anime cats. But enough about cats, because today is dog day, dagnabbit.

It has a dog mascot too!

Wow… that is… creepy as fuck.


Yes but if you follow Sif’s story to completion, then more like this…

So I’m fairly certain that I’m going to pick up a Switch for my birthday this September. A combination of self-denial for 3 years, completing teachers college, getting hired by two different boards for supply teaching starting this September, my birthday and the fact (hope) that I can take advantage of a local stores campaign to get $100 in points if you spend $400 in the store by Oct 31 is probably going to push me over the edge finally. I am really torn about which version of the Switch to get however. The smaller size of the lite version really appeals to me. I would probably spend much of the time playing in handheld mode. On the other hand, the longer battery life is nice and I’m sure there would be times where I might like to hook my console up to the big screen. Will the new lite version suffer from the same JoyCon drift that the original Switch had (has)? If I ever wanted to play some multiplayer games with my soon to be 6 year old son then I would need the regular version with detachable joy cons. Are there that many games that even take advantage of that yet? I’m thinking of games like Mario Party rather than the Nintendo licensed fighting game, whatever it’s called. So many decisions.

Yes, absolutely. You’ve got quick match-based multiplayer games like Mario Party, Mario Kart, Snipperclips, Mario Tennis, Smash Bros, and Arms. You’ve got full co-op as an option through the entire game in Yoshi Crafted World, Kirby Star Allies, NSMBU, Donkey Kong Country, Fire Emblem Warriors, and Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3, as well as limited helper co-op modes in Mario Odyssey, Pokemon Let’s Go, Captain Toad, and Mario + Rabbids.

And that’s just the first-party stuff. All sorts of indie multiplatform couch co-op games are available: Rocket League, Towerfall, Nine Parchments, Full Metal Furies, Broforce, Overcooked, Enter the Gungeon, Rayman, Lovers in a Dangerous Spacetime, Bomberman, Lego _____, etc.

Lots more here:

Plus which, he’s probably the right age for the Labo sets, which require detached joy-cons.

Second @Thraeg’s comment.

Pretty much everything multiplayer/co-op is pretty much based around the detachable joycons (the only exception I’ve encountered are Minecraft and the Lego Games). My youngest is a little older than yours, but he and his brother pretty much play with single joycons all the time.

Joycon drift is a really annoying issue on ours (not helped by the occasional sticky fingers, etc), but the kids enjoy the hell out of the console anyway. I’ve considered getting a second, but the Lite is not an option for us - it’s great to be able to take it along on vacations and longer trips, as well as play on it without a TV, but this wouldn’t see a fraction as much of use if it was not also a TV console. Different strokes, though.

A third vote for the biggie Switch. Some people really do play mostly handheld, but it’s nice to have the extra flexibility either way.


If you haven’t been following, there’s a new revision of the full size Switch that you should try to get that has improved battery life over the original. The packaging is different, so they aren’t hard to tell apart, and the old stock presumably will dry up soon, but you should look out to make sure you get a newer one.

Definitely get the primary console and not the Lite. What Nintendo does best and has for many years held over the other two console makers, is to bring families together with various types of games meant to be enjoyed with others in person in the same room. They have the largest selection of games like that. For someone with a six year old, it should be a primary consideration. You and your son will likely create all sorts of lasting memories with the Switch.

Even games like Breath of the Wild take on a whole different level of excitement when shared with little ones in front of the big screen TV. On top of all that was said above, I’d recommend Super Mario Maker 2 as a tool for building games for you and your son. Also, if you like old arcade games like I do, being able to detatch the Joycons and play them vertically in their original form is super cool. You can’t do that with the Lite.

Nods nods. Also, just the ergonomics of being able to play dual sticks game in whatever configuration you please are amazing. One of my favourite way is to stick the screen near my pillow, while holding the sticks independantly under the covers. Ultimate guilty lazy pleasure.

Yeah! Also, maybe you want a traditional controller experience sometimes too. No pro controller for the Lite unless you buy a separate stand (which wouldn’t cost much, but still…) and it’s unlikely you’d even consider it.

With kids, anyone should get the standard Switch because you really ought to enjoy it with them and your significant other. Box Boy + Box Girl to play with the ladies! @Thraeg has a really good list.