Nintendo Switch


Oh nice, cheers.


It’s superb. Definitely play it. Both DKC Returns and Tropical Freeze are fantastic games.


The worst part is that we’ll never get the game shown to us at the Switch unveiling. The new Metroid 4 will likely be a completely different game.


It’s cool that Nintendo are being so transparent and just letting everyone know up front there will be a sequel to Metroid Prime from Retro, but not to expect it anytime soon. A Game Informer reporter offered some tidbits about why the initial version encountered some issues in development.

Apparently a Switch port of the original Trilogy is ready to roll, too!


Not sure if serious… but what is this game you’re remembering? Because all that’s ever been shown of Metroid 4 is the logo teaser at E3 2017. :)


You mean a logo?


Yeah, hard to get upset about never seeing what was being worked on when we never saw anything that they worked on!


Frankly, any fan of a game that’s acknowledged to be in development is already spoiled rotten. I wish some of my favorite franchises had a new game in work!


Never got into Prime on the GC. It was my first MetroidVania and I hated the fact that there were areas I couldn’t get to “yet” and couldn’t wrap my head around that concept. I’m glad to hear they are allegedly being remade. Although I did buy the trilogy on the Wii and still never got around to playing them.


Cannot complain about Nintendo’s customer service. Repaired my out of warranty joycons for free. Good as new.

I don’t have any idea what caused the drift issue in both. And both went bad at the same time, too.


I’m surprised they’re not pushing this to placate fans over the MP4 delay, assuming it’s true of course.


Maybe Nintendo’s about to host a January Direct and were concerned a Metroid Prime 4 no-show would upset people? If it’s true, I hope the restart doesn’t delay the Trilogy port, because it would suck to think Nintendo were just sitting on something that’s basically finished. I would totally be placated by two-and-a-half great games over a WIP sequel we know no details about.


Makes sense to me, the first 2019 Direct was rumoured for the 10th but didn’t happen. Though there was a ‘Nindies Direct’ only a couple days ago so hopefully that wasn’t it.


Okay, now I’m back on my PC I found this:



I’m definitely picking up Wargroove for switch if we can get some async multi games going here.


I am failing to pick up the excitement around Wargroove: Uniwars had already tried the multiplayer async Advance Wars thing and it was about as exciting as a rock-paper-scissor session that wouldn’t end. The real new thing seems to be having 4 players at once, which sounds great for dynamic alliances, but I have doubt over having that many players in async. If iOS told me anything, having over 2 players on a single async game means that much more chance for somebody being busy, losing interest, forgetting, or worse, dropping and ruining the game. I have never seen a game of Nightfall to the end because of that.
I’m grumpy today, I need to go get something to eat, I guess.


I’ve been playing Solium Infernum and Chaos Reborn for years, both up to six players async! :-D

I never got a game going with Uniwar unfortunately.


I played tons of Uniwar. It was my first and favorite iPhone game. Never had problems finding and finishing games and was ranked pretty high.

Wargroove has a campaign right? As much as I enjoy the multiplayer, I’d be getting it for that first.


As with most multi platform games nowadays, Switch just wins. That flexibility of how to play, when, and where is just king.


I was going to preorder Wargroove, but I pulled the trigger on Steamworld Heist instead. Will definitely get it if it’s a reasonable take on Advance Wars.