Nintendo Switch


I preordered Wargroove for the Switch but I could see buying the Steam version for the modding aspect. I believe all the versions can create scenarios, maps, etc, but I think modding would only happen on the PC version.


This is what is making me lean PC for Wargroove. Otherwise, the convenience of the Switch rules the day. That and the fact they’ll be a new Fire Emblem on the Switch soon anyway to scratch a similar itch.


I wonder this as well. Based on the Steam store page I can’t see it does is the thing and I am not sure how long skirmish vs. AI will hold me. Then again games like Gladius or Age of Wonders 3 that’s all I do and I am totally content there, but those are deeper gameplay experiences I think? Its also only 20 bucks though.


There is a campaign editor that is supposed to allow some sort of scripting, cut scene editor, etc. to build user created campaigns.

With all the commanders in the game I would suspect that there would be an official campaign based on at least one of them.


There are multiple campaigns based on what I saw from the trailer. There are 12 campaign options according to the launch trailer, but some of them need to be unlocked first. Not sure how different they will be, but each seems to be played from the perspective of a different faction.


Anybody else playing GRIS? What a beautiful game.


Good news:


Ah Uniwar, what a classic game. I miss hearing the “UNIWAR!” notification when it was my move. I had to stop playing because it was taking too much time to calculate strategies; it was deceptively deep. It’s still going, but as it’s now free and “contains ads and in-app purchases” I assume they’ve ruined it.

Anyway, asynchronous Wargroove on the Switch sounds great, sadly I’ll be overseas for a month shortly after release so I’ll miss out and you’ll all be tactical experts by the time I return!


I finally started playing Into The Breach! What a fun game so far.

Only playing on Easy to start with, but it was so satisfying to complete three islands on my first attempt. I then tried the final level and nearly completed it, but made a stupid tactical error in my last turn :-(


Isn’t it great? I love it almost as much as Faster Than Light. If they’d port that to the Switch my life would be over.

:( I assume you’d already used up your do over?


Yeah, my do over is what let me get so far.

I was confused about the power pods which land on the final level - I forgot they were still connected to the grid and let one get damaged too much.


If I wipe and sell my Switch, my digital purchases are tied to my Nintendo account and not the device itself like Wii, right?


It’s tied to both the machine and your account.

But the answer is yes, you can log into a different switch and your digital purchases will follow (as well as cloud backups of save data). And you should delete them on the machine you’re selling, because Ninty will detect if the same purchase is being played on multiple machines at the same time.


Thanks for the reply. I was going to factory wipe the Switch before I sold it naturally but wanted to make sure I could redownload my purchases on a new Switch that I get later in the future.


You might need to explicitly remove device as your “primary” switch, which you can do on, but you may want to do it on the Switch itself before wiping, because it seems there’s limits on doing it remotely (once per year?). I don’t know if factory wiping explicitly unregisters it as a primary device (I suspect not).


Looks like once per year.


So instead of beefing up the Switch, N is slimming down.

Gotta admit that the Switch has mostly been a letdown for me. Its a little too large to truly be portable (as in outside the house) for me, but when it does get used I do it on the sofa or in bed. Maybe a smaller version would make more sense. But for quick doses of gaming on the go I have a phone. The switch tax doesn’t help and it would be a DQ11 machine for me if that had come out on it first rather than the PC.

Still, I can see why its so perfect for a lot of folks and every few months I dive back in and try to find a game that makes it worth it for me. I almost pulled the trigger on Diablo when it was on sale but didn’t. If it goes again I think I will.

Regarding the slimming down. I guess I’m kinda happy that they’re going in reverse compared to the other guys so I’ll still have a top of the line Switch in terms of horsepower instead of lagging with the older version of Xbox or PS4.


I sort of agree - it’s too bulky for to use on a daily commute unless you spend a few hours riding a train or something.

I generally use mine when traveling - it’s nice to have a gaming option while chilling at a hotel.


In the abstract I’d prefer a smaller version, but I’d take a bigger battery in the same shell instead.


Yes, thank you. Exactly. Upvote.

My Switch isn’t nearly old enough to be obsoleted just yet. I already got burned with my WiiU, not looking for a repeat.