Nintendo Switch


Reading up on other people who have had drift issues with the controllers, I went and bought a $10 can of compressed air and gave it a spray - problem fixed.


I tried the demo (it’s available on the Japanese store front), and it’s a massive disappointment for me. Loading times are horrenduous, especially given the very poor, amateurish 2D art on display.
The first game is treated as a bonus, as has been the case in previous remakes, recycling assets from Langrisser 2. On top of that, the game itself has changed, and not for the better: numbers are flying around for no real reason as the game is the easiest version I ever played (I doubt it’s for the demo only).
Frankly, the whole thing reeks of a second rate doujin effort.


Nintendo Direct tomorrow. Should cover some interesting things, including a look at the new Fire Emblem game.


I just want another Smash Bros character announcement.


Rumor is you’re getting that as well! Dante, I think (DMC).


Cool, we’ll see a release date on this Metroid Prime Trilogy I reckon!


Ooooh that would be awesome!


I hope it’s out tomorrow. Like “Announcing, Metroid Prime Trilogy! Check the eShop now!” That would be an awesome thing to have on a portable.


I hope we get a look at Retro’s Star Fox Grand Prix, which was rumored to be what they’ve been working on since Tropical Freeze, during tomorrow’s Direct. I would be very, very happy with a port of the Prime Trilogy and a date for Resident Evil 4, so I can keep all my favorite games with me wherever I go. This will probably be unlikely, but I would also love to hear more details about Shin Megami Tensei V soon.

Scoops guy for Game Informer says get hype!


I don’t even need it, but if they did that I’d buy it immediately.


I’d like to hear about Bayonetta 3 but I think millions of fans of other franchises are already sending their energy across the Internet for their own favorite franchises, so I’m not expecting anything.


I was just about to come here to see if you guys were talking about the coming Nintendo Direct, and yay, you were! I finally had to give up on following the Nintendo threads because you guys all talked about half a dozen games I know nothing about, and can’t follow along. I’m always confused why you don’t just make threads for those games instead of discussing almost all of them in this single thread (with about 3 or 4 exceptions).

Anyway, the Eurogamer image for the coming Nintendo Direct was a Chico-Robo image, so that had me thinking it would be cool to have a Chico-Robo game.


Lol. Trying to imagine what THAT looks like.


Oops, apparently it was called Chibi-Robo. :)


Hey, you’re suppose to pretend autocorrect did that


Oh, man, that’s hilarious! I read @Rock8man’s post and just figured I was out of touch about some Chibi-Robo spinoff. Like maybe Chico was his son or something.



Last year they said “wouldn’t it be nice…?” and this year they want to push it. I assume it’s still up to Nintendo. No news yet.


Imran revealed that Nintendo’s revived a game that was officially cancelled. I wonder what it could be? I would love to see Scalebound happen, as Hideki Kamiya seemed really passionate about that project.


Obviously Bush Hockey League is finally returning!


Holy crap, strong start. Super Mario Maker 2, which looks fantastic. June 2019!

Next up, Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3 (w/ online) and new characters exclusive to Switch.

Something called Box Boy is coming to Switch. Looks neat. PUzzles and such.

Super Smash Ultimate getting a 3.0 Spring Update. Details to come.

Captain Toad Treasure Tracker: A free update, giving all courses two player co-op. That’s coming later today. DLC coming today (paid) with more content/stuff and then more paid DLC coming later in April as well.

Bloodstained Ritual of the Night coming to Switch. Looks pretty good, honestly. I don’t remember anyone talking about this much? It looks like a cool Castlevania game. Is it out for other platforms? Comes out on Switch Summer 2019.

Dragon Quest Builders 2. This is probably a big deal, right? Seems really cool. Bonuses if you own the previous game on Switch, in terms of costumes. July 2019.

Dragon Quest news… DQXI coming to Switch. Not a huge surprise. I can’t recommend it enough overall, on any platform. Cool beans - you can toggle between normal visuals AND 16-bit graphics and this version has the full orchestra OST. It’s got some extra quests for the party companions, and is billed as Definitive Edition. Coming this Summer.

Tsum Tsum game. No idea. Tsum Tsum Festival. Seems like the kind of game would have had me review for them.

Starlink: Battle for Atlas (Ubisoft). Starfox game, looks like? A challenging series of missions. Pilot abilities and challenges. Don’t know what this is really. Looks like an update to an existing game, thanks @magnet

Some sort of JRPG game… oh, Rune Factor 4 fully remastered for Switch. Neat.

Man, they are just slamming us with stuff, it’s not even half over.

Rune Factory 5 is in development.

Oninaki (I am Setsuna developers) RPG that looks interesting. These guys keep coming so close, maybe this will be the game that puts them on my radar? I love the visuals and gameplay, I have to say. This looks excellent. Summer 2019.

Yoshi game, looks cute. Yoshi’s Crafted World. Seems like you can make your own levels? Probably more for the younger crowd.

Fire Emblem Three Houses up now, at last. Of course my connection gets shit righ now, so it’s like 180p. Notes to follow.

  • Map looks amazing.
  • I don’t understand what any of this means or how it matters yet.
  • Sounds like you select a house (faction) and play as them. There are … three houses.
  • Game looks great. Like you’d expect - updated from 3DS, same basic idea.
  • Seems more like a grand strategy game than a linear RPG? Well, still with a story to tell, of course.
  • July 26

Looks fantastic, but I’m not fully grasping the gameplay loop.

Tetris 99 - 99 players, online gameplay. There can be only one. Later today.

Dead by Daylight coming to Switch. This looks awful, imo. /shrug

Undertale followup? New game by Toby Fox. Deltarune. Looks like undertale, but you play a dog called Rune I think. Looks neat. I still have yet to play Undertale. /ducks.

Daemon X Machnia, a pretty cool looking action game that seems fun. Demo coming later today, launches Summer 2019.

Realistic Racing coming to Switch. Looks great, actually. All DLC is included, play online or locally. Summer 2019.

Hellblade Senua’s Sacrifice coming to Switch. Spring 2019.

Mortal Kombat 11 coming April 23rd.

Assassin’s Creed III Remastered coming to Switch.

Final Fantasy VII is coming to Switch, March 26th. FF9 coming later today!

Man, nothing on Metroid?

One last game to show off. Seems cool so far, just a cut-scene. Action looking game, sort of like DMC maybe. Probably not for me, but I like the visuals. Looks like Neir for a reason. Astral Chain, August 30th 2019.

What is this Zelda cartoon here now? Ohhhh… Link’s Awakening, re-done in Rudolf the Red Nose Reindeer style 3D that looks very cool Visually stunning, even. Hoot! 2019. I’ll get this for sure, I don’t think I ever played this one originally (it’s the 1993 Gameboy classic).