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Mario Maker 2??!?



This came out last fall. Looks like an update incoming.


They’re on 3DS now. They’re serviceable, but not great.

It’s Igarashi’s (2D castlevanias) Kickstarter project. Been in development for a while, but was originally slated for consoles + Vita, and the Vita version was killed, so this was slightly expected, but welcome.

Whaaaaaat! Thats crazy unexpected. The Harvest Moon rights are a huge quagmire, so I assumed this was dead forever.


This is probably the game that was rumored upthread, in what @MrTibbs linked.


Yeah ok. I’ll play some of those things.

Tetris battle royale is the battle royale we needed.


Very excited for Astral Chain, DQXI S, and Mario Maker 2, but otherwise that was just an okay Direct. I was super disappointed when the Zelda trailer transitioned from that gorgeous art style teased at the start to that gaudy plasticine look. I was hoping to hear about Retro, snag a Resi 4 date, and that rumored port of the Metroid Prime trilogy. The filler in the middle made it a little underwhelming.


That’s what I was hoping for more than anything, as well. I guess we can assume if it’s not in this Direct, it’s not coming before Summer, or even Fall, of this year.


Link’s Awakening looks awesome. I played the shit out of that on the Game Boy. Very surprised there was nothing on Metroid Prime Trilogy. Wasn’t it rumored to be finished and ready to go?


Yeah, this is what I read. Maybe we all read this from the same source, and it was just completely wrong.


This is Grid Autosport

You missed Unravel 2, I think

Chocobo Mystery Dungeon: every buddy on March 20


Ah, thanks!

I’m sure I missed a few things while typing. I was trying to keep up but damn they were rapid fire with the reveals and announcements much of the time.


Good set of announcements in my book. A new Platinum action game will always have my immediate attention. I’ve been waiting on DQXI, and this looks like it will be the best way to experience that. I was certain to get Bloodstained either way, and again, this looks like the ideal version.

Nobody here mentioned the new Chocobo’s Mystery Dungeon, but more roguelikes are always very welcome. Can’t tell from the trailer how much of a new game this is vs. a remake of the Wii one.

And Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3, Dragon Quest Builders 2, Rune Factory, Oninaki, Fire Emblem 3 Houses, Daemon X Machina, and Link’s Awakening are all at least “keep an eye on and see how word of mouth is” games for me.


“I’m sure you’re very curious about Bayonetta 3…”

Hell yes! Finally gonna get to see the game I’m going to buy a Switch for!

“…the developers are hard at work” snaps fingers

Fuck youuuuuuuuu


So much this. I’m sure I’ll end up getting it at some point… but man, that art style. Extremely offputting.


Well, I…

Wait, what? Maybe I should look closer at this…


Actually I did mention Chocobo, a couple of posts before yours. This is a remake of Final Fantasy Fables: Chocobo Dungeon.

Very happy they are doing this, but would be even happier if it were Chocobo Tales instead…and Shiren the Wanderer.


Hey, I did a CTRL-F for “chocobo” and nothing came up. Hoist by your own creative misspelling!

And yeah, I saw a couple of characters that looked familiar from Fables, but couldn’t tell what the proportion of new stuff might be.

So say we all.


Goddammit autocorrect!


Hmm Astral Chain could be cool. It depends on what the rest of the game is that surrounds the Platinum combat.


OMG that Zelda remake! Sign me up!