Nintendo vs. Sony vs. Microsoft -- FIGHT!

Nintendo makes better first party games and 0wnz j00. Sony copies everyone and relies on third parties to drive their console sales. Microsoft has no clue what they’re doing with first party development but their online stuff is the best.

Well… yeah. That’s pretty much it, I guess.

I think we can actually close QT3 down now until the next gen. What else needs to be said?

You mean apart from “Nintendo broke my HDTV”?

Is this where I complain about how many times my 360 broke?



Sounds accurate to me. What’s to fight about?

That popcorn better not have some artificial butter-flavored powder BULLSHIT on it!

Are you kidding me? Its clobberin time!

The Jaguar was misunderstood.

That popcorn ALSO better not have some sickening greasy yellowish crap that tastes like someone fed a fat guy 10 gallons of oil and then let him piss all over it!

Oh yeah, and: 360 is cheaper than PS3 but better than Wii. 360 RULEZ0RZ!!!1!!1!!!11111111

My gaming PC died last weekend and I am sad.

My Atari Jaguar can kick all three of their asses!

[Not really, but a thread name like this cries out for an outsider]

Turbo Grafx 16 4eva?

edited because I can’t spell “grafx”

Bitch away, Beretman!

You’ll need to get a Wii then, so you can re-buy all the games.

Anyone who doesn’t care about high-def and wants a new console should definitely buy a Wii this holiday season.

Agreed, k0ny.


Nintendo is great with novelity and first party games but suck when supporting 3rd party and the software for the Wii will slow to a trickle.

Microsoft is almost there. They have the best hardware, best online, and the greater number of better games. They also have developer mind share. However they blew their year lead, they still aren’t enough “family” games to sell the system to “the family”, and they should of dropped their price to fight the Wii this year.

Sony is blown it Atari 5200 style with the ps3 and unless they come out with a cheaper redesigned ps3 and start “ass to mouth” with developers, they’ve already lost big time. However they still have the ps2 going full steam, they could realisticly ride that for a couple more years untill the next, next generation.

I think next year we will see the Wii and ps2 battling out, The 360 close behind, and the ps3 in a distant last place.