Nintendo vs. Sony vs. Microsoft -- FIGHT!

I know tha traditionally, that has been true, and is often cited as why they were knocked from #1, but what is your basis for this when it comes to the Wii? Every report I’ve heard pretty much says the Wii makes it as easy as possible for devs, and this time around there’s the added bonus of a much cheaper art budget.

I expect to see a lot of interesting games come out for the Wii and the 360. For the Wii, it will be developers finally figuring out that they need to use raw input as movement data in their games, instead of pattern matching. When that happens, they’ll make some great games.

For the 360, I expect to see developers figure out some really cool shit to do with all the new power and memory available to them. Ease of development is going to give this nod to the 360 over the PS3.

PS3 will still keep all the big name Japanese titles, but there’ll be less and less exclusives because this generation there’s not going to be a huge numbers gap between the two graphics-driven consoles. I don’t doubt sony will grab a bit of a lead, but it won’t be so much that developers can dismiss the 360 out of hand.

Oh, and as for Microsoft first party development:

Rare has finally done it with Viva Pinata. That’s a first party title worthy of the highest praise.

Well, that and I expect Halo 3 might be pretty good.

More emphasis on MS’s well-earned reputation for unreliable hardware, please. I couldn’t recommend that anyone buy the 360 (in North America, anyway) without an extended warranty, and that pushes the price of the system to excessive.

What, as opposed to the flawless PS2s? I’ve had my 360 for about 6 months now. In that time after buying a PS2, I had two failures. My current PS2 has cd read speed issues so that any games that stream from the cd exhibit extremely strange behavior. I will not be buying another.

You can get a cheapie warranty also, like $20 or something at target for their in store exchange one.

My Gamecube exploded once. I wish I had filmed that, because it was AWESOME.

An ex girlfriend’s laptop caught on fire while we were watching a movie in her bed. That was also pretty good.

edit: The PS3 kills babies!

Unreliable is unreliable. No need for a comparison.

Go into detail, if you please.