Nintendo Wi-Fi Connection

You can get a WAP for like 20 bucks you know that right?

What I’m curious about is will this remain free forever?

The stuff I’ve read seems to say that the problem with Microsoft’s plan was that they tried to monetize first (meaning, it was pay for play from the start). The implication being that Nintendo will provide the Wi-Fi for free, build a customer base, then eventually charge for it.

That model has never (to my knowledge) been met with critical acclaim, and in the end probably ends up with the same adoption rate as something that was pay from the start (XBL and it’s 10%).

Will it support anything other than WPA? Will the DS have the same range/strength as your average PCMCI card (as an example, I use my laptop in my family room, the same place I’d be playing DS stuff at home. The WAP is in the far corner of the house. The laptop gets “average” connections. If the DS has less range, boo)?

Also, how is this “rewriting the definition of community”? The only real difference between this and XBL is price. I suppose you could argue that you’ve re-written the definition to include “free”, but I don’t think that was really in the definition of community to begin with. I remember having exactly zero hassle setting up my XBL account a year ago. I guess Nintendo’s system will be “easier” because the page where you enter the credit card number can be skipped.

How did they go from “Online is unnecessary” when the XBox first launched and people were asking why there were no plans for an online service to “We think online is so great that we re-wrote the definition of community!”?

What I’ve seen quoted about Nintendo’s service (here and in articles linked by an LJer who works for Nintendo), and how great it will be makes me think that they haven’t had much experience with XBL.

shrug I’ve got a DS, I’ve got a WAP. I’m sure I’ll at least poke my head in.

I’m not so sure they can charge for something like this or, at least, charge very much for it. The problem that I have with paying for something like this is that my use of a handheld is much more intermittent than my use of a console sitting under my TV set. I bet that a lot of folks are in the same boat as me. Handhelds are still something I pull out when I don’t have access to a console system. They just don’t get enough constant use to pay $50/month or even $10/month to play online.

Nope, I dont. Whenever I get the urge to set it up, I dont want to wait for a shipment, so I go to a store, where everything wireless is $70-$160 (i dont count rebates, becuase they are bullshit)

So, uh, what psp/ds compatible wap is $20 at a brick and mortar store?

Just go to frys. Any 802.11b or .11g WAP or router will work.

You might be able to get them cheaper at compusa or similar.
Outpost is frys BTW.

Oh yeah and

18.99 for the first one there.

I’d rather just buy the nintendo dongle honestly, Frys is hell and like home depot, I dont go there anymore.

Though mooing when in the cattle line is kind of fun.

Anyways thanks for the help, next time I have the lousy luck to be in the valley maybe I’ll pop in and see what they have.

There is always compusa /shrug
Also I frys isnt that bad. I Was just there on sunday and it was pretty calm.

lol, which one? my frys is the fucking retarded ALIENS ATTACK one.

Fry’s is seriously the most electronic-fun you can have on a Saturday afternoon…once you “get it” or become numb to it, Fry’s is quite the place.

On topic, this announcement put me over the top-- The kid wants Nintendogs for Christmas, so we are getting a DS for sure now.

It was the one near chatsworth.

I think Sony ran up against the “where the hell am I supposed to put all this data?” issue with the PS2. Most owners have 8mb of storage and that’s IT. Xboxes all have hard drives, Gamecubes don’t even try. When I found out I had to d/l a 3mb patch to play Killzone online, I just gave up.

With the X360 requiring storage for Live and the Rev having 512mb of flash storage, they’re ready to do battle online AND generate revenue by selling digital content. Sony looks like they’re going to be left out of this opportunity unless they make memory sticks a lot more affordable.

Really nice pictures of the interface are here.

It supports up to 3 configurations, and will handle WEP!

Oh man. IT’S ON!

Wow. The WEP thing is just awesome. I was planning to buy the dongle to make it easier, but now I absolutely do not have to do that.

PSP doesn’t even do this does it?


Now I just need to figure out the MAC on my DS and I’ll be all set, wonder if they’ll display it or if I’m going to have to find it on my own.

The PSP supports both WEP and WPA-PSK, if that was your question.