Ninty to upset PETA for sure

Animal cruelty goes well with your Wii? You can get your jollies kicking puppies in the new SSB!?

(Edit: Fixed the image, posted possible explanation. Thanks Fugitive.)

The image you link on your blog doesn’t show, and if it’s the one where the puppy is pawing the screen, I don’t see any kicking involved there.

Worked for me, I guess they don’t do remote linking to the image and it was coming from my browser cache. Why is there a puppy in Smash Brothers if it isn’t for fighting?

I heard that the game ships with a boot-shaped adapter for the controller, designed specifically for this purpose. The laces are prone to failure, though, so be careful.

It’s apparently a special move/item that obstructs the player’s screen for a short time.

Sweet, I always wanted more ways to smash my TV! I guess the game will finally live up to its name!

Yeah, when I see puppies I assume they’ve been kicked, too.

Aww, hell. They linked here.

I hate it when that happens.

When it’s a game called Smash Brothers you could see how it might be a little confusing since every other character from another Nintendo franchise is stomping or being stomped on.