Nioh 2 - Turn demons into loot again

My heart can only take so much joy.

This game is probably years away though.


Should you play Nioh 1 before Nioh 2?

Nioh 2 has the same weapons, enemies, and gameplay as Nioh 1, plus a whole lot more. It’s an improvement on the original game rather than a true standalone sequel. It also contains some quality of life improvements you might miss if you play Nioh 1 later.

If you’re confident you’ll enjoy the series and you have time to invest to play both games (60-100 hours each) then start with Nioh 1. For everyone else, start with Nioh 2. If you’re hooked by the end, you can always go back to play the original to see the unique bosses and levels in that game, kind of like an expansion pack in reverse.

Guess I should get to the first one then.

This one really surprised me and was probably the best surprise of E3 for me.

I wonder if this one will release on Xbox.

Go for it. Great action combat, but you might get worn down toward the end by the number of levels and the lack of enemy variety.

Then the PC version and DLC somehow recharged my excitement for another 100 hours.

Nah… they probably want to capitalize on the success of the first. I bet it’s out by March 2019.

Punishing myself with the original’s DLC right now… so mixed feelings about another installment, but hopefully there’ll be a Game/Graphic engine update to bring it on par with contemporary console presentation.

Totally unmixed feelings for me. Looking forward to this almost as much as I am Just Cause 4! :)

That’s impossible. It’s probably in pre-production. Late 2020 is possible if they limit their ambition and their content creation pipeline is real. (The DLCs were much quicker than I expected, but we can’t know if some of that content was already created but held back, like the enemies and weapons.) 2021 and beyond wouldn’t be a big surprise either.

My only disappointment from this announcement is that it means we won’t get Ninja Gaiden 4 anytime soon. I wasn’t expecting it, but I wasn’t expecting a lot of other amazing things from this E3 either. Oh well, I’ll take some remasters instead!

On the other hand, I’m definitely surprised they’re going to talk more about it today.

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It’s a current gen game on an already built engine. It’ll have been two years from the first game in March of next year. I’m pretty sure it’ll ship in the first three months of 2019.

Probably February 22nd like every other game shipping in the next 12 months.

Yep, or the 29th which is when all the others ship.

I’m playing Nioh now and I love it. Nioh 2 was a great surprise.

We all knew this, but spring is really the time now for “core” gamers (to abuse a term). Fall is all the WalMart franchise games for Christmas.

That’s why I don’t mind all these games out in 2019. I don’t care about much until the spring anyway.

Hope there’s another alpha soon. I can spend as much time playing that as I will the final game just like the first time around!

Hopefully you’ll need more than one combo sequence to beat all the enemies this time.

Notes from the chat on PlayStation stream:

The game will be an evolution. The theme of the discussion was not being completely satisfied with the first game and wanting to improve the game based on player feedback. They want another shot at the game, if you will. The last producer said they were a bit cautious for the first game since this is their first action RPG. Now the gloves are coming off.

Character creation confirmed. Male or female protagonist.

Protagonist has yokai powers.

Loosely related to the first game. People who played the first game will appreciate it, but not required. Pretty typical stuff.

No gameplay footage.

They confirmed they will do a demo for the next game like last time.

You need more than one combo if you have a need… for style.

But yeah Team Ninja has never been known for requiring anything but abusing the most overpowered moves in the repertoire!

Oh hell yes.

Closed alpha for now. I’m sure they’ll have multiple alpha/beta tests the rest of this year.