Nioh 2 - Turn demons into loot again

No news yet on the PC version, right? It was originally announced to be coming in November, but I haven’t seen a release date or any further info as I’d expect if it were actually imminent.

Though with my failure to secure a new GPU, I might wind up playing on PS5 if the performance is unlocked and it scales up well.


Wait, fists?!

I’m likewise anticipating a performance & graphical bump, I’m holding off returning to this & the expansions for the PS5.

The Variable Movie Mode seems like the best candidate for this, from DF’s performance analysis…

The season pass is on sale for $14, and unable to resist the siren call of FISTS I grabbed it and played the first mission (started over) yesterday when I should have been playing Bloodborne. Feels awesome! Went much quicker and smoother than the first time I passed through, only died to Gozuki a couple times. Player knowledge seems to be relatively intact. I love the fists as a weapon; even better than tonfas.

How far did you make it last time? It’s generally not worth starting over in this game.

I still love the fists but damage is pretty terrible against bosses. I could try claws, which supposedly do more damage compared to the extra ki damage you get from fists. I don’t think it would matter much from my conservative playstyle. I like to dodge and then do some burst damage.

Probably not that far. Maybe the end of the second map area? I know I could have just changed everything about my current character, but I felt like starting from scratch.

All weapons are fun when they’re overpowered, but I think the fists might be the best of all. I’m running through some older missions to unlock NG+3 and it’s a never-ending display of light and sound. There’s a mystic art that reduces ki consumption for repeated strike attacks, so you almost never stop attacking.

In the same way, most weapons have some sort of ki-dump chain attack to shred enemies that can’t fight back for a few seconds. The fists version of this is my favorite: it pairs well with that ki-preserving mystic art, it has a small bit of forward movement to help you stay connected to the enemy, and there’s a fun acceleration to the attack that makes it extra satisfying to land for a long period of time.

Looks like free upgrade for Nioh 2 to PS5 if you own PS4 version with DLC. Nioh 1 looks like it needs a rebuy.

4k at 120FPS supported.

Even better news, PC version February 5th!

The third DLC comes out December 17th. They work fast.


I forgot I only played Nioh 1 at 60 hz. It should be awesome at 144 fps. I assume that should be relatively easy to achieve with a last gen game. I’ll have plenty of time to find a 3070 anyway.

[EDIT] Apparently Nioh 1 was locked to 60. And I guess they could pull a Capcom and keep the easily achievable graphics upgrades stuck on next gen consoles. We’ll have to see!

Great news! Hopefully the PC version is indeed based on the PS5 upgrades!


I decided against the double-dip this time, and it’s been a long wait. I hope it’s worth it and we get a decent port. :)

Oh I saw this tweet over at BF back on the 13th that spells out all the good news for PC. No worries there.

Perfect. Looking forward to this one.

I’m looking forward to playing it again. I think I’ll start with the sword, play NG+ with the switchglaive, and then get better with fists.

I didn’t really like the other two new weapons from Nioh 2, but I suppose I should try to squeeze them in.

My approach in the first game was to pick up each weapon type in turn when I found one that I liked the look of, and use it for a mission or two. I’m sure I would have finished faster if I picked one and fully committed to mastering it, but the variety from rotating was lots of fun, so I’ll probably stick with that approach.

Nice! HDR and high refresh are all I had hoped for. :)

Steam page is up

Also the usual pre-order discount on greenman, 20%.