Nioh 2 - Turn demons into loot again

Hope there’s another alpha soon. I can spend as much time playing that as I will the final game just like the first time around!

Hopefully you’ll need more than one combo sequence to beat all the enemies this time.

Notes from the chat on PlayStation stream:

The game will be an evolution. The theme of the discussion was not being completely satisfied with the first game and wanting to improve the game based on player feedback. They want another shot at the game, if you will. The last producer said they were a bit cautious for the first game since this is their first action RPG. Now the gloves are coming off.

Character creation confirmed. Male or female protagonist.

Protagonist has yokai powers.

Loosely related to the first game. People who played the first game will appreciate it, but not required. Pretty typical stuff.

No gameplay footage.

They confirmed they will do a demo for the next game like last time.

You need more than one combo if you have a need… for style.

But yeah Team Ninja has never been known for requiring anything but abusing the most overpowered moves in the repertoire!

Oh hell yes.

Closed alpha for now. I’m sure they’ll have multiple alpha/beta tests the rest of this year.

Nice! Will be happy to dive back into this series.

It looks like both @DaveLong and I will be wrong**. He said March 2019 and I said late 2020. With Nioh they did the first alpha in May 2016 and released in February 2017. If they follow this pattern then early 2020 will be most likely. It could be earlier if they really get their act together, or it could be later if this is just a vertical slice and they still have a ton of content to create.

** Just for the record, Dave is definitely wrong and I might be wrong. I’m glad we cleared that up! Haha!

WTF people already streaming

As expected, it’s basically the exact same game but with new content, new mechanics, and character creation.

New skill tree:

The character editor that will create a million ninja waifus.

[EDIT] Removed due to copyright. Do a search on YouTube.

Hey, it’s Team Ninja - we may get swimsuits and boob physics!

If I can recreate Emi Takei (Okatsu) it’s more than enough.

I received a key from someone and played through the first mission in the alpha demo. It’s Nioh 1.5, folks. Lots of new content but also a ton of the same things. If you want more Nioh with new enemies, weapons, and mechanics, you’re in luck.

I can’t see a thing with the crappy resolution on PS4 and the fan is still going nuts because I haven’t blown the dust out. Damn consoles.

No resolution bump over the original on PS4? That’s a shame, it was about the only thing I was looking for in the sequel- aside from more Nioh, of course.

If anyone received a code in their email, please let me know. I’d like to send it to a stylish content creator.

I was going to send him mine but he didn’t respond for a day. I’m glad I played it so I know to set expectations accordingly.

Why choose? Play on PC!

Last time there was a wait for people who wanted to do that, such that some of us were forced to double dip. Ahem. :)

Will it be simultaneous release across platforms this time?

No announcement on release date yet, but with the Alpha exclusive to the PS4 you could assume it’s getting first look.

I’m going to assume it will be simultaneous this time. The game is largely the same.

If it’s not, I definitely won’t double dip. There’s really no rush here.