Nioh 2 - Turn demons into loot again

I’m running it right now with the 5+ Onmyo Warrior set (Onmyo Austerity). Splitstaff. It’s fantastic damage.

I am right there with both of you. I finally set the game aside but I racked up 300+ hours in and embarrassingly short timespan. It basically was all-consuming in terms of my leisure time for weeks and weeks. I haven’t been that obsessed with a game in… I couldn’t really tell you when the last time was. 10 years? 20? Not sure.

If they decide to do a Nioh 3, I will buy a PS5 to not have to wait for the PC port.

And I’m right there with all of you. Nioh 2 is easily one of the best games I ever played, and, as it stands now, is my personal game of the year for 2021.

Of course, chances are that GotY will change with Nier Replicant right around the corner. Even so, I don’t see Nioh 2 leaving the top 2 for me this year, or my top 10 of the decade.

how did you develop your build and what did you focus on for your playstyle to get you through the game? and yeah, its excellent.

For the initial playthrough, my advice is not to worry about a “build” per se. You’ll be finding new, better gear constantly, and the benefits from putting together a partial set or optimizing gear abilities are negligible compared to just using higher level stuff. And getting all your stats to 15 or so will benefit you way more than pumping one of them to 100.

You do want to pay some attention to equipment weight, and keep close to 70% without going over it for the good balance between defense and mobility.

I’ve actually been experimenting quite a bit which has some pros and cons. The pro being that having some skill in each weapon lets you choose the weapon that best suits the boss youre fighting (usually this boils down to a choice between spear or tonfa).

I’ve also invested time into gaining points in both onmyo and ninjutsu, with only marginal usefulness from either (the iga bombs help in cheesing tough enemies like the waira, and barrier talismans help a bit in the dark realm), but nothing I would really miss. i was especially disappointed in quick change scrolls due to it being on a fairly short timer.

I mostly keep my gear to light armor because i find the ki recovery rate and dodge animations more useful than the increased defense, so i tend to stay under 25% equip rate. this is usually the pit vipers set or shrine maidens set for the past about 10 missions id say.

I’m also really finding this to be true which is kind of bugging me. I want cooler set bonuses, but so far theyre not really crazy. auto grave recovery is ok, lifesteal on kill is ok, but for the most part the bonuses are not really that exploitable. at least so far (just fought saito yoshitatsu). same goes for the choice in guardian or soul cores, but im still feeling that out.

Set bonuses are huge but they don’t really come into their own until Dream of the Wise and Nioh. Things do start to get spiced up in Dream of the Demon, you’ll just be looking to replace your Divine graces with Ethereal ones once you hit Wise.

IMO, Wise is where builds really take off since you have access to the Ethereal graces which are really impactful. That being said, as an Onmyo user something like Onmyo Austerity can really make a difference. Having Devigorate-lite on hit is pretty huge. You’re talking about a 30% damage reduction enemies can do with a lot of uptime. Once you hit Nioh, this set gets spiced up even further with Empowered Onmyo which can really change the way you approach the game as a caster (Tsukuyomi has it as well).

Has much survavility has possible trough the use of heavy armour and life regen on gaining amrita. Extra damage gaining amrita. Fast regen of the purple line so I can do yokai cores skills often.

My inventory (4 tabs) full of grendes, bombs, scrolls to gain more life regen or resistence to damage.

Double hatchets with fire damage, medium position, I use this set on defense.
Kurasigama with paralysis damage for offense.

Decorations and artifacts boost all of the above, and paralisis gain on enemies (so they get paralyzed more and sooner)

Range weapons: bow and arrows, canon. I oneshoot small enemies, and 4 shooted big enemies. I would often use the scroll for explosive arrows.

With this setup, I was hard to kill, surviving to mistakes, rarely getting one shotted. Being able to do range damage to gain some purple sauce to be able to use yokai skills. Thrown a lot of explosives at boses and enemies.

I would start a battle against a boss buffing my defense and throwing bombs at the boss. Once I get the gist of the boss, and If I am still alive, would use openings to apply damage. Then stay alive, do more damage when possible, stay alive. Reapply buffs when the effects end.

I played tons of coop. So I got carried on some bosses that would have been difficult alone.

I started playing Nioh 1. Is funny after playing Nioh 2, like learning greek after learning latin. Harder in some ways, more flexible in places, less in others. I don’t know if will play for long, since I want to do other things with my free time and a Nioh game takes too much of it.

What’s the difficulty like in Nioh 2? I am not into the Souls-like game design approach of repeating the same thing over and over to get past a boss and on steam this is tagged as both “difficult” and “souls-like” so I’ve avoided it. But I’m all about loot and that part appeals to me.

I personally feel it’s much less punishing than the likes of Dark Souls. It isn’t an easy game, but it’s definitely manageable, partly because you also have a lot more options in how to build your character compared to DS. Or at least that’s how I feel.

I, on the other hand, cannot fathom how anyone would say this. I probably have two hundred and fifty hours collectively between the various souls games from Demon’s through Bloodborne, every boss, and Nioh 2 makes me rage and not just the bosses, either. It contains what I consider a ton of bullshit, like incredibly fast windups on attacks that come after a large pause so there’s just no way you could see it coming, and the tracking on grab attacks is just fuuuuuck yoooouuu. I think it’s much less fair. However, it’s got much deeper systems and I think the bullshit is worth putting up with as long as your blood pressure isn’t too high.

Which is curious indeed because I mean it. I played all Souls games, never finished any of them because I would get exhausted by the “git gud” kind of approach. I finished Nioh 2 and I plan on going on through most new game plus things because I love the game. And I happen to think it’s a lot less unfair than any of the Souls games.

So yeah, it is curious. Maybe there’s something about the movesets, or level layouts, or objetives, or loot that make me prefer the Nioh games. Perhaps it only goes to show how individual perks and preferences can drastically change the perception and/or enjoyment of a game. And I’m fine with that. I won’t ever question why someone would love Souls more than Nioh. It just isn’t my case.

What do you think is unfair about souls?

Maybe unfair isn’t the term - it’s more that it relies so much on trial and error that I find it tense and tiring. Oh hey, there’s a hidden enemy there you couldn’t possibly have seen ever, and you’ll only know it was there after you die. Oh hey, that’s a cool dragon. Hey, it torched the whole place and I died. “Cool”, let’s go there again.

Now, as I said, it isn’t necessarily unfair. It’s the way the game is designed, in a way. But after a while it wears out for me. Which, I guess, is why I never finished any Souls games.

Nioh 2 has some of those things, but it’s… different? I can spot most, perhaps even all enemies. I have more options in terms of blocking or dodging or engaging at range. It’s easier to find gear you want without going to specific places or facing specific enemies. All that means I can adapt better and play to my own strengths - which you can do in Dark Souls too, but only AFTER you’ve played most of it.

Interestingly enough, I did feel that general feeling of “unfairness” in Nioh 1, to an extent. In Nioh 2 it’s pretty much gone, really. And I’m not entirely sure what changed to make me feel like that. Maybe the way spirits work now? Maybe because the ocurrence of “traps” is much lower and easier to spot and adapt to? I don’t know. But I enjoyed it a whole lot more.

Well, I’m not going to argue that your impression is wrong or anything, but while it’s true that Souls games have hidden enemies, Nioh 2 has that in spades, too, and they attack much faster! Also the amount of times a fight took place on a narrow cliff edge, bridge or other eminently fall-offable space was too damn high.

Point being, @Bruce_Barnett, as far as difficulty goes, opinions very much vary.

Yes indeed! It’s a personal thing for sure. A close friend of mine told me Nioh 2 was more difficult than Souls and Nioh 1 and Code Vein and everything. That wasn’t my experience at all, but I’m not saying I’m right and everyone is wrong. Just that these kinds of things happen. Nioh 2 clicked with me for some reason. I don’t expect other people to feel like that, but I suppose there are some who might. ;)

Yeah, Nioh 2 felt waaaaay less “bullshit” to me than any of the Dark Souls games.

It’s a hard game but you have more tools/approaches than you do in Dark Souls. It’s less about memorizing patterns, although understanding how different bosses/monsters attack is going to be a huge help. It just felt a little less focused on that exclusively.

I found the initial part of the game quite hard. The first two bosses really took me a while to down. Then there was a breakthrough moment as I got accustomed to the game and acquired more tools in the game where it became a fair amount easier than Dark Souls. It would oscillate a bit but overall I found it not as hard as the Dark Souls games. Still quite challenging, but with the Diablo-ness of the systems you can kind of outlevel/outpower content that you struggle with to some degree.

I glossed over this earlier. As far as blocking or dodging, both are integral to Souls, so I’m not sure what you mean by more options, but engaging at range is not really optional in Nioh but mandatory if you don’t want your ass handed to you on a plate, in my opinion. Ranged combat was always very much lacking for me in Souls games, but if you don’t pick off enemies, especially ranged ones, in Nioh, you’re gonna get mobbed and/or pincushioned.

I again stress that it’s a very worthwhile game that’s much deeper than Souls in some ways (loot for sure, the weapon styles and mix and match moves and on and on), and I look forward to engaging with it again, but the claims of “less bullshit” make me nearly unprecedentedly boggle! To boil it down, for my part the souls games set up an environment and say, do this or don’t, whatever, I don’t care. It is supremely indifferent to the player’s woes. To me, Nioh actively fucks with you. Taunts you. Hates you. But sort of jokingly, like an older brother.

I agree & disagree with you both on your points. Nioh 2 is harder, but the solution for any challenging engagement or environment without usually presents itself on first attempt.

Often that solution is as suggested, don’t just melee wade into mobs but use the variety of ranged options to either neutralise individuals outright, or aggro them to advance on & engage with you One-on-One in a more conducive location for you.

In this respect, I find the comparable options (or lack thereof) in DS leads to a “less fair” experience, along with “less fair” bosses. I have finished both Nioh 1 & 2 in several iterations of New Game+, whereas I’ve abandoned both DS2 & 3 before completion, after repeated “boss skill-checks”.

… and Bloodborne after countless attempts at The Orphan of Kos.

Orphan was brutal, except for, I think, @Rock8man, for whom he was nbd, much to my astonishment.