Nioh 2 - Turn demons into loot again

Common roadblock. Make sure you hit your parries.

When you say that do you just mean blocking? Or do you mean the abilities some weapons have that trigger when you do a perfectly times block as the hit makes contact? I haven’t seen a universal parry like in Sekiro or Wo Long.

So far I’ve had my best luck against this guy going into low stance and dodging his attacks, then hitting him a couple times. I’ve tried medium stance and blocking more, but some of his hits just kill my ki.

I mean the burst counter.

Ahh, Ok - I was using that. I just beat him using the low stance and changed into my demon form. That helped. I didn’t want to use it until I had a decent chance of winning.

That was the boss that taught me to appreciate the mobility of low stance! Sounds like it came in handy for you too.

Going back to the initial village and fighting that first multi wave fight ain’t no joke.

Is it trying to teach me to switch stances? It seems like the enemies are best fought with different ones.

Edit: I made it. I think I just ended up sticking with the mid stance the whole time. I feel ike it would have been better to dodge the last guy, but I just let him beat the crap out of me and I somehow outlasted him. It was funny because the cat thing gave it the killing blow :-)

What are you using for your two soul slots and spirit slot? Would love to know what your choices have been so far.

I’ll look when I fire it up. For spirit I have the bird,

I have the Yoki and Enki Soul core, but I can’t say that I made that much of an informed choice over it :-)

It’s funny how each new boss (Viper) confounds me in a new way.

One of the hardest.

Man, it took me at least 8 hours to beat the viper boss. I did start getting more consistent in that last hour. That was tough.

Amazing persistence!

This was the boss I spent the most time on in my second playthrough. My first playthrough hurdle was Hino-Enma, the umbrella succubus – which is a git gud fight. The one you mentioned requires more than just gitting gud.

It’s fun hearing your experiences. Reliving mine. :)

He’s tough for sure. There’s one other notoriously hard boss, but he’s much later in the game. By then, you will be a pro =)

So what was hanging you up? Getting hit a lot, running out of Ki, not enough damage?

Are you using blue summons for bosses or going solo?

I was dying a lot when the snakes would split off and move around on their own. Sometimes I would focus too much attention on them, thinking I needed to just kill them off quickly - but then the boss would hit me with something when I wasn’t looking. I started being more selecting, focusing on the boss, unless the separate snakes got close, then I’d take them out. I also found it awkward to get locked onto them sometimes.

I forgot to answer your question…

I’ve tried the blue summons a handful of times when i was struggling against a boss, but I never beat a boss while using them. They seem to die so easily that they hinder more than help.

Man I can’t keep this straight. Maybe it makes more sense in Japanese, but I am constantly getting confused with Amrita and Anima. Is the following correct? I read a bunch of websites to try and collect info.

Anima: Resource used to do Yoki abilities (RT + X or Y on XBox controller). Gain my doing damage to enemies or taking damage.
Amrita : The ‘souls’ used to level up.
Amrita Gauge: When filled up can Yoki Shift. Fills when I collect Amrita - collecting from defeated enemies, popping those stones, but also using Yoki abilities?

Am I missing something? it’s funny that I’m like level 36 and going to the next area and I still can’t keep the mechanics straight :-)

You have it right. Other than I don’t recall the Amrita gauge filling up with Yokai ability use. I’d that’s the case it’s something I’ve forgotten, but either way sounds like you have a handle on it.


I’m disappointed to see many of the same enemies in the new region, although to be fair I did encounter 2 new ones too. The bird thing is pretty tough for a regular schmo. I’ll probably get used to it.

I have sooo many weapons and armor in my inventory. I did break a couple down and level up some, but boy there is a lot!

Glad to see you are sticking with it. If you can get past the first couple of bosses and find your stride with 1, maybe 2 stances and a single weapon then the rest will come.

You do get thrown a bunch of weapons throughout the game. Stick to the ones that you like, and build your stats around that weapon(s). I really like Split staff, so I use that and a glaive, and build around Onmyo which is what those weapons use.

Break the rest down. And don’t feel like you need to hold onto a weapon just because you get full familiarity. If you get another one that hits harder. switch it up!

You may at some point want to look out for a Curuption weapon or a purity weapon however. Those will come in very handy in the days to come.