Nioh 2 - Turn demons into loot again

I feel dumb asking this, but what exactly is this significance of a Yokai runing out of Ki? Like with a human, that’s when you can grapple them, but a yokai has to “fall down”. So when that purple bar runs out, what exactly should I be doing before they have a chance to replenish with a yokai/dark realm instance?

Beat the ever-loving shit out of them.

You stunlock them on every hit, even burst attacks, so go ham. You kept enough ki in reserve, right?

Thanks. I guess I’d been too timid to notice.

You can grapple them when they are out of breath just like humans.

Yokai have to be actually downed to grapple, not just out of ki:

Yokai don’t use Ki when they attack, but it also only replenishes when they create yokai realms. When you do enough ki damage and deplete their bar like the others said you can stun lock them. This is where Flux can become extremely important. Bang out a low stance combo to lock them up, and then double flux (hold R1, tap square, then triangle during the ki pulse) up to high stance to hit them for big damage. You keep basically all your ki and can get out of there with a dodge if you need to. If you do get low on key, you’ve probably generated enough anima to use a yokai ability (or at least enough for your burst counter).

If you do enough additional ki damage before they can replenish then they collapse and you can do a final blow. Same thing with bosses.

God I love this game. Finished the main story and did a bit of NG+ today after farming for a couple smithing texts.

Thanks. When using double flux, can you return to the same stance? Like you do a light combo, flux heavy, then flux back to light? Or do you have to rotate through all the stances? I tried it, and couldn’t really tell if it was working or not (which shows you how bad I am at all this).

One of my biggest issues is getting to the point where I feel like I know why I’m using light/medium/heavy. I’ve played the tutorials, watched videos, etc… but I still don’t feel like I really get it. Especially light vs medium.

I mainly use light since the dash cost is lower. I would use medium more often if I was motivated to parry, but it seems like Yokai can’t be parried. It that mostly correct? Or perhaps all those different parries in the various medium trees have options that work against yokai?

I generally avoid low stance because the damage output is too low. I also feel like they nerfed double flux so I wouldn’t worry about that too much right now.

In fact, I wouldn’t worry too much about stance switching until you’re more comfortable. You could play the entire game in medium stance. You could pick pre-determined times to switch, like moving to low stance for irritating enemies on the ground, or high stance when you break a yokai’s ki. I think it’s more important to learn to keep an eye on your ki so you don’t run out, and burst counters too of course.

Trust me, once you get good enough at the game, you’ll be looking for stylish maneuvers to do like stance switching and fancy combo enders. You’ll get to it all eventually. It’s a long game.

Low stance seems good for applying elemental effects but other than that, yeah I don’t use it much. I feel like there were more enemies in the first game where it was useful, maybe it’s just the weapon I’m using but I don’t have issues hitting crawlers in mid stance.

Perhaps not with the weapon(s) you’re currently using, but with others it can. Not to mention the skills that are specific to those stances.

Yeah thus far I mostly think of stances in relation to the skills they unlock. I’ve only unlocked the second tier of skills though. I’m using kusarigama & dual swords in a dexterity/skill build. Again I’m totally new to this franchise and going in blind, so forgive any stupidity

First thing I should say is that my gun kills almost everything, which was a surprise as bullets are cheap.

Otherwise here’s how I have it figured at the moment though in the words of Mike Tyson, my plan only lasts till I get punched in the face. But in the Dojo I’m well intentioned:

Dual Swords
Used against: Strong yokai, anything that’s very quick and likely to interrupt Kusarigama maneuvers.

Most important combo:

  1. Low stance Quick attack combo,
  2. Heavy attack skill flips you over opponent
  3. Flux 2 to High stance
  4. Block + strong for uninterruptible whirlwind attack

High Stance

  • Block plus strong is an uninterruptible whirlwind attack. My go to for depleting Yokai ki after a low stance combo (though I haven’t been exploiting depleted Yokai properly). The “wind” upgrade for this is great for knocking stuff off cliffs.
    Quick Attack
  • Skill: follow with strong for great overhead chop
    Strong Attack
  • Great for taking out Yokai horns

Mid Stance

  • Block + run: amazing gap closer
  • Block + light: strike while still blocking (like a spear thrust while blocking in Dark Souls)
  • Parries, don’t use em yet
    Quick Attack
  • Not sure
    Strong Attack
  • Not sure

Low Stance

  • Dash skill cause you to dash again if enemy catches you at the end of a backward dash.
  • Strong after quick attack flips you over enemy
  • Really looking forward to the skill that spins you around an enemy after they deflect.

Quick Attack

  • I like to flux from this to high stance.

Strong Attack

  • Not sure

Used with: crowds (unless they’re short), single humans
Most important combo:

  1. Vs. humans:
  2. heavy stance: pull skill (hold strong),
  3. sweep skill (block + strong),
  4. grapple downed opponent

High Stance

  • Strong drag skill has very long range

Quick Attack

  • Not sure

Strong Attack

  • very long range

Mid Stance

  • Block + light skill: nice aoe spin
  • block strong: parry, I suck at this and haven’t used it yet

Quick attack:

  • Spins the weight- nice aoe
  • Skill: two strong attacks add two extra hits to this combo
  • Hold: shorter range drag

Strong attack:

  • Not sure

Low Stance

  • Block + strong does E Honda flurry that decimates Yokai Qi. Mid can have this to if you unequip parry
  • Block + light skill: nice aoe spin also

Strong Attack:

  • Not Sure

Quick attack:

  • skill: follow combo with strong puts distance between you and opponent
  • Hold: shorter range drag

A couple of full spins in close quarters should reduce most human & revenant opponent’s KI to zero, even when they’re blocking. Grapple, then spin again at their behind as they get up for further damage ;)

Good to know. So is High Stance quick going to have the highest ‘break’ (i think I’m using that right) in a Kusarigama/Dual Sword arsenal?

Any tips on ninjitsu? What’s the best projectile? Is poison and/or paralyze worth it? Are quickness/sneakiness techniques fun/useful?

High has the strongest single stroke/spin, so highest damage or break in a single stroke but of course, also highest KI usage.

I am a terrible Ninja, sorry- I like to play as simple & straightforward as possible, to my detriment :P

I haven’t played around with much ninja in 2, but did a lot in 1. With your build it will be really strong soon.

-Kunai and storm kunai: regular kenai are going to be your main source of ranged damage. Storm kunai are actually best as a close range shotgun type blast. Regular shurikens are very cheap, but won’t do a ton of damage.
-bombs and fire shuriken: awesome for getting enemies burning. Combine with a couple of fire talisman from the magic side and you can keep enemies lit (dual sword and kusa low stances are both great for applying status effects).
-Scrolls: only one I used much was quick-change. It can be super helpful.
-Traps: these are very good, but can be tricky to utilize; most bosses aren’t going to just let you put a mine down

Edit: one more ninja note.
-if you go full ninja you’re going to turn into a glass cannon. You’ll be quick, and hit pretty hard. But enemies will break your guard and you won’t be able to take a lot of hits. This is how I played Nioh 1 and I personally think it’s a much harder way to do it. It’s overpowered in the endgame, but you have to get to the endgame. Don’t be afraid to pump a few stats into stamina and strength to help get your armor level up.

Soulslikes in the year 2020: bottomless pits are still fucking stupid.

Yup. And all the fucking fighting on bridges. Dodge an attack. Roll into the fucking abyss. At this point Raven Tengus on bridges is a freaking meme.

Is there any way to turn off the camera movement when using Yokai Shift? It disorients me so badly that by the time I locate the enemy and restore the lock, most of it has been used up.

Is there really no switchglaive set? If so that’s super disappointing to have a new weapon with no set. More so when there are seemingly so many sword based sets.

As far as I am aware, no sets (same for Odachi :/). Seems like a Mumyo/Sohaya set would have been easy to include! Fingers crossed for the DLC.