Nioh - Demo on PS4


PvP is kind of a joke on the first night. I’m getting matched with people that have +10 gear. Let’s hope the matchmaking evens out as people get rated up and down.

I had some fun duels with streamer yukaslegion though. That was worth the $10 PS+ renewal.


Nioh’s gear system is now more complicated than ever!

Now they added in a patch a new material called Umbracite, with multiple levels of rarity, that lets you choose special effects outright. Or something. I’m not sure if it lets you just just choose the rarity of the effect, the effect itself or the quality of that same effect within its % bracket.

I can’t figure this out anymore.


It seems like it just gives you more options to choose from. I’m really surprised they haven’t made an item that maximizes the roll of any effect. Make it a rare drop every 10 hours. Then people can enjoy playing the game instead of save scumming all weekend.


But then they also added “star” effects that cannot be obtained by reforging, they only show up on freshly created equipment.

It all seems to be getting a bit overboard.


The Nioh subreddit is just addicts showing off their maxed out gear. I think I’ll pass.


Next DLC comes out July 25th.

I’m impressed with the turnaround time.


New weapon is tonfas. Neat.


The DLC should be out in all regions now. There’s another new difficulty level, with another one probably on the way in DLC3 later this year.

That’s way too much for me. I’ll probably finish NG+ and the final DLC, then call it done.


Tonfas are neat. Whereas the big sword was all about stance changes, the tonfas are very fast and focused on repositioning and long combos. The interesting mechanic is you may need to retrain yourself from dodging out, as with the tonfas you want to use the ki pulse to dance around your opponent. Still early but that’s my impression of them so far.


Yeah they seem like a fast and fun new way to play. People are saying they lack an overpowered move for NG+++ but that’s okay with me since I’ll never get there.

I did the first half of stage 1 (annoying!) but I’m heading out of town, so I’ll have to wrap it up later. No rush.


Special guest appearance for DLC 3, which comes out 9/26.

major spoiler but you can guess it

Sounds like no new weapon type. They’re adding an infinite co-op mode called Abyss.


Complete Edition coming to PC November 7th.



Holy shit

Fuck, not sure I can do the grind again.


Sounds like you must choose between action and movie modes again no matter how fast your PC is. So we’ll need hackers to fix the port for us.


My PC doesn’t meet the minimum requirements. :(

Also… 100 GB!!! That’s a LOT.


Yay! I was planning to get the PS4 version eventually, but am glad to have a better option.


Well damn. I almost fired this up again recently as I’ve yet to play the DLC. :P

I’ll almost certainly double-dip it if the port is decent.


According to the Internet, Koei Tecmo ports are garbage. But as long as it’s at least as good as the PS4 Pro, you might as well go with PC long-term.

I may zip through it with the tonfas. I haven’t played with that weapon much. Doing the collectibles again would suck. I will probably skip them. I’m already kind of exhausted by the game.


I recall Toukiden 2 being decent enough, which was one of the most recent ones.


Yeah, Koei Tecmo does have good ports. But they’re a bit inconsistent regarding port quality, and some of their games can be very temperamental. I never had an issue with any of the ports (and I bought plenty of them), but then again, I tend to be on the lucky side. ;)