Nioh - Demo on PS4


I’ve put 49 hours into the PC version so far and I’ve only had one crash. I get hitches every now and then while playing but for the most part it has been a pretty solid port.


Yeah I’ve not had many crashes either. Maybe one, but otherwise solid.


One nice thing I noticed is the PC version doesn’t have an achievement for beating every single mission on Way of the Demon (NG++) like the PS4 version does. That’s good news for achievement whores without a lot of spare time.


Ok this game is hard. The 3rd boss Hino-Emma is kicking my ass. I can’t beat her, cheated and watched YouTube videos but still no help. I’m level 19, I think and I might be done with the game. Don’t think I can go anywhere else. My controller skills are bad but I completed Dark Souls 2 for fuck sakes. Tried light armor/heavy armor, have two paralysing charms, wearing archer gear, quick weapons/heavy weapons, it just doesn’t matter, I’m just too slow.

One more go tonight, wish me luck.


Can’t you bring in someone to help you defeat the boss?


Yeah, most difficult boss for me as well so far (well, kind of). It’s all about her patterns, really. Once you figure them out, it’s easy. Well, “easy”.

So, some hints. First, make sure you have your guardian spirit charged - you want to use it to finish her in her second phase quickier.

Anyway, the trick is to dash away from her attacks, and then hit her when he finishes her combo. If she flies, stay away. Once she’s about half beaten, she’ll add a grab attack that’s really dangerous - but if you keep dashing away from her attacks, you should be fine. You’ll need some tries to get the timing, but once you do, it’s a matter of getting it right. Use the living weapon mode to finish her, but only after she does the grab attack (and misses). She can grab you even in living weapon mode, and it’s not pretty.

I went light armor (shinobi, I think? maybe scout), dual swords, mid stance for most or all of it. Fire talisman for additional damage at first, fully charged Kato (the red fire wolf) guardian spirit. Took me about 10 tries but I managed it. I was around level 19 too. Maybe 17. Not entirely sure now.


This is all quite normal. I bet you had trouble with Onryoki on the ship as well, right? The Nioh subreddit is full of posts with similar complaints. (There is one more brutal boss in region 2, but other than that it should be straightforward.)

Try running away while locked on, if you haven’t already. It’s usually better than dodging.

The paralyze blast timing will be the hardest to master. Obviously there’s a sound cue, but it still took me 4 or 5 playthroughs before I mastered it 100%.


If you keep your distance, that’s pretty easy to dodge laterally. But yeah, getting the exact timing can be a bit tricky.


Yeah, see this …

She’s an awesome challenge. Even after beating her earlier in the year on PS4 it still took a fair few goes to get back into the rhythm.

At the end of the day though she only has a few moves you need to learn - which you do by dying over and over. Mistakes are punished. But imagine the satisfaction when she goes down!

Equip Archer garb and that paralysis charm you get, have needles ready. Best not to need this by not getting hit but it can save a couple mis-times…

  • Biggest thing is keep your distance and don’t get greedy:
  • Run away until you see a standard attack, to avoid that savage grab. The two standard attacks can be blocked without much damage, then follow up with at most two hits and get the hell outta there, back to running away.
  • Dodge sideways from the paralyse blast when she does that scream. Dodge sideways when she throws the dagger things from the air. Both of these are fairly easy with practice.
  • She gives a big opening when she does the flying swoop across the room at you, which is easy to dodge.


Thanks everyone, you gave me inspiration to give it another go. I did have trouble with Onryoki on the ship but I could see what I needed to do, Hino-Emma not so much. I know what I am suppose to do but the execution is another thing. So far I have 122 deaths in the game so far (total not just Hino).



So Hino-Emma is dead, wish I could say it was my great skill but it was Chappers idea of bringing in help that did it, quite easy with 2 :) At least I can keep playing now.

Quick question, I did a side mission and there were lots of red swords in the ground of various levels, they also had what I would call player type names, are these players who were killed and their corpses left behind? are they computer controlled or was I fighting real people?

I wish the time frame shown in the pictures were correct that forgeforsaken posted. At 21 hours and definitely on the 1st frame yet.


You’re fighting the AI version of the guy who died on that spot. They can drop their gear.

Probably the best way to get good items, btw. Look for purple stuff.


I’m at 17 hours in the 4th region, main mission 13. Just to show how much 100+ hours of PS4 experience helps. You know, in case you needed that reminder. Haha!

Keep on slashing.


I meant to ask: did you dump the archer armor afterwards? Armor makes a pretty big difference in this game. Same with swapping out to higher level armor every couple of missions. Just make sure you’re under 70% weight (green or blue) or stamina regen will take forever. You may want to put 20 points into stamina for armor weight.


I get rid of the archer gear but I am still wearing light gear to keep me below 30%. Using Tonfas and Axe which i know don’t line up great in the stats but I seem to have the feel for them, I use other weapons occasionally just to try . Quick and fast for the bigger mobs and heavy hits for the trash.


Below 30% is definitely hard mode. The stamina regen is nice but you’ll appreciate the extra damage reduction from heavier armor. Anyway, you can always try it and change back.

Axe is also hard mode. Tonfas are great. Basic combos plus Shove (Y ending attack) will melt through enemy ki in no time.

If you haven’t already, grab the quick change scroll in Ninjitsu. If it’s active, it revives you after getting killed. It’s finicky but it might save you some frustration.


Killed Noc the lightning guy tonight, lots of deaths but at least I could do it solo, still have nightmares about Hino-Emma


Here’s the funny thing: I tried a lvl 20 Twilight Mission yesterday. Surely enough, it was the Hino-Enma mission. I faced her at the end, but this time, it took my only two tries to beat her (unlike the 10+ it took me the first time around). It felt so awesome.

It took me three tries to beat Noc, I think? It’s a very intimidating boss, but not as difficult as it seems to be. Which is funny, because the next boss is almost the opposite.


Oh look, I was playing hard mode and I didn’t realize it. ;)

Seriously, I love the “agile glass cannon” thing. I know it’s harder but it’s so fulfilling at the same time. ;)