Nioh - Demo on PS4

I would’ve suggested waiting for a twilight mission to pop up to get some really good gear, but you seem to be completing a playthrough in a single day, so you probably don’t want to wait.

I haven’t done many Twilight missions. I’d have to run them on Way of the Wise. Do you think that would drop better gear than normal missions on Way of the Nioh? I’m also on level 13 in the Abyss, haven’t really done much there either.

Probably not. I usually had a good build from the previous NG that I used until I was able to unlock most of the missions in the next NG. I think I farmed Marobashi and maybe some other levels.

The Grand Tournament is crazy intense. 100 enemies coming at you, mostly 2-4 at a time, with no real breaks. I’m overpowered (weapon wise) for it on the Way of the Strong, and I still had to try several times to get through it. I can’t even imagine doing that on a harder difficulty.

Finished up the remaining achievements. Whew…

Got lucky and had a smithing text drop for my favorite Kusa. Crafted a killer version and started melting things. I also got lucky with my armor smithing text, but I didn’t have the right materials to craft them so ended up with the same armor I had since Way of the Demon.

Looking forward to #2 coming to PC (hopefully).

Way to go! I broke down and bought 2 on PS4 to double dip. Worth it.

I’ve been tempted, but my launch-era PS4 sounds like a jet engine and randomly drops controller connections. But if the PS5 arrives before the PC port, I may well break down. The original was one of my favorites of the past few years.