Nioh - Demo on PS4


This is up for preorder on PSN. $60 for the standard edition and $80 for the deluxe edition, which includes a season pass and some other crap. Supposedly the DLC will be three additional missions, which should be sufficient as long as they’re new custom maps.

The usual caveats to preordering still apply, but you do get a new theme that contains the charming main menu music.


Darn. I thought the thread resurrection meant that the demo was coming back and I could play through the rest of it.


I am so on hype for the game.
Since, I am not sure about this, but still, there ain’t new games coming from FromSoftware soon, this game will save me for a while :)


There’s also the 20% preorder discount from Amazon Prime. Don’t forget your QT3 referral!


Lol, the PSN store says “released in 409 days, 31st dec. 2017”, that is some craaaazy pre-ordering.

I’m guessing February 2017 is the real date.

EDIT: You know, what’s this "multiple tiers of pre-orders and ‘exclusive digital version DLC’ " stuff? So I guess to get EVERYTHING you have to preorder the digital deluxe edition on PSN store. Hm, this is one way you know this isn’t Dark Souls, they wouldn’t pull that kind of crap. Oh well, it’s still a game I care enough about to pre-order, there’s only ever been a handful of those so far.


Have a new trailer


PS4 Pro footage


Now that I have a PS4, I’m getting really pumped for this game. Any idea whether there will be another demo before release?


Probably not. The previous “demos” were betas, real ones, where they actually did take feedback and roll it into the game.


This comes out in less than a month. I really need to get cranking on the games I’m playing now so I don’t have to drop them in the middle.


Spanish website says PvP is coming after launch. Not sure if it’s a mistranslation or maybe they let the news out early.


Against all odds, this thread title is still relevant.

There will be a final beta this weekend. It’s a new level from PlayStation Experience, plus some of the old content.

It should start Saturday. For the US that means whenever they wake up from their hangovers and roll into work. So maybe 3ish? (Just joking, I have no idea.)


I guess I’ll give it one more shot. I was not impressed with the game from the previous demo. I was probably doing something wrong, but it didn’t seem fun in any way.


Slicing bad guys with a katana is inherently and objectively fun. Maybe something was frustrating you instead?


Maybe. It didn’t make a big enough impression for me to remember my experience.


Same here. Will give it another go.


Nice! Thanks for letting us know.


This is great news for me!

I probably spent more time with the previous demo (beta) than I do on many released games. The game hits all of my buttons in just the right way.

It reminds me of a combination of Ninja Gaiden and Dark Souls, with some random loot added in to help keep me going.


Nice! We just got a PS4 for Christmas and both my son and I have been wanting to give it a try.


There’s a new exclusive helmet for those who beat the demo again, plus the two other DLC from preivous demos for those that don’t have it yet.