Nioh - Demo on PS4


Bloodborne muscle memory is killing me over and over.


Huh…trying this again and liking it a lot more than the original demo.

Well, until I’ve died now way too many times by accidentally falling in a foot of water. WTF?


Beaten the demo again. Still great, but nothing seems to have changed at all. At least, none of the things I thought were flaws: the game still doesn’t sort weapons by type (I don’t care if that hammer is better, I wanna compare swords with swords!), plus it’s still a loot pinata every time you kill an enemy and a huge hassle to manage all that junk. Items don’t go to storage automatically either, except elixirs, for some reason. Why not ammo as well?

Any item can be made to look like anything else, so that at least is a great boon for the fashion conscious.


I love Dark Souls but this game is a little over the top to the point of being obnoxious. One wrong move and you’re looking at a loading screen. Seems like more trouble than its worth…


Yessss…come to the dar, er, console side!


It took me a little while, but it’s starting to click and has become much less frustrating. It reminds me of my first encounter with Demon’s Souls – took some time to get the rhythm and understand what is actually threatening.


Is there really no way to get out of the mission area without completing it or using your single branch teleporter thing?


The item that takes you out of the mission I believe is reusable. The items to travel around the mission are not.


Ah ok, I didn’t try it because I only had 1. It looked expendable because it looks like you have a limit of 99 in the inventory.


Am I the only annoyed by how dark the levels are? Also, turning up the brightness just turns everything into a pea soup. I mean, I thought the hell version of the missions was a relief, because you could actually see more than two feet in front of you. I don’t think that’s the intended effect.

Spoilers for the fight after the first mission

This trial made me feel more confident about the final game. After playing the same crap over and over in the alpha and beta, I was worried it would feel too boring and similar. The new weapon and the new enemies are varied enough that I think we’ll be fine.


I’m enjoying the latest batch of Soulsborne fans across the Internet express mild confusion and frustration with this game. They’ve forgotten their original experience with Dark Souls.

It’s still interesting from a game development perspective. It feels like Souls is an anti-gateway game. Instead of opening doors to similar experiences, a lot of people are content to stick with what they know. Maybe the experience is so seared into their brains that it’s hard to see a challenging melee combat RPG any other way.


I’ve actually been looking to recreate that experience I had with Demon’s Souls. I imported it from China, I believe. And had never encountered anything like it. Having gone through it, though, not only did I crave more of it, and more of the initial bewilderment, it changed me as a gamer significantly. Now I know what to look for in other games and genres. And it’s not so much a repeat of the soulsborne formula, but a repeat of the learning curve I hurdled in my first experience with the Miyazaki formula – bewilderment, acceptance, the beginnings of mastery, and then the understanding that diligence pays off; indeed, it’s not cheap, but fair.

In this way, I think Demons has served as a gateway for a lot of different games, like the new XCOMs 1 and 2. It seems like Nioh could be like this as well.


Yes, I’m surprised more people don’t feel the same way. Gamers always wish they could wipe their memories to experience a game again for the first time. Here’s an opportunity for a similar effect, if only they would take it.


The trophy list is out. It reveals that we only get the five weapon types we saw in the last chance demo:

Dual katana
Kusarigama (chain)

These will have unique movesets with their own skill trees.

I would’ve liked a few more. On the other hand, I tend to stick to one weapon per playthrough and I don’t think I’ll do more than a few in this game.

I’m definitely starting with a katana, plus a spear for difficult enemies.


Reviews are in the 8-9 range. Nothing unusual.

Too many spoilers floating around so I’ve stopped checking some sites.

Minor mechanical spoilers: someone on reddit said he finished the game in 40 hours doing most of the side missions and he had to grind a bit because he wasn’t good enough. I was worried the side content would overlevel me. On the other hand, he did say the end was easier than the beginning so it’s a bit of an inverted difficulty curve.

Finally, there appears to be an NG+ mode you can swap in and out of. Should be plenty of content.


I know this is a thread for the demo, but I’m going to use it briefly to talk about the full game, apologies.

The Eurogamer review (Recommended, but not a masterpiece) when constantly comparing it to Ninja Gaiden did remind me how much fun I had playing through that game on Hard difficulty. One thing I really enjoyed about NG is how any lowly enemy could kill you, even after you got so good at playing the game. I guess coming from this perspective, I wish I could try the demo again, and see how it compares to Ninja Gaiden. I was mostly only comparing it to the Souls game in my head when I played the demo.

One thing I do remember is that it doesn’t have the speed and satisfactory animations of Ninja Gaiden that made it feel so badass even when I was getting my ass kicked.


I can’t wait to try Ninja Gaiden (probably on PS3 for better or worse). Nioh is still a heck of a lot faster than the Souls games.


Digital Foundry doing their thing


Oh, a technical competent Souls-a-like. Interesting…