Nioh - Demo on PS4


Sounds like it still drops resolution occasionally on the Pro. I might as well just get used to the shitty 720p and save the money.


Well Boost mode in the upcoming PS4 Pro OS update looks to help with Bloodborne and other games, so there’s that ;)


They must be following me. They like to dole out the littlest enticements every time I reject the idea.


Hmm. The graphical difference between Pro and “not Pro” isn’t really all that noticeable considering the game is so damn dark. Probably even less in the heat of the action. But I do notice the difference between 30 and 60FPS, so action mode it is.

Well, it,s going to be cool either way. I’m all ready and pre-ordered for next week.


The difference is in the resolution. Probably easier to see on the actual device than on video.


Unlocks in 3 hours! Right around my bed time…


Between this, Bloodborne, and how much I dislike Forza and Gears of War exclusives on my XB1, I’m quite jealous of PS4 owners right about now.


I played the intro (which was spoiled for me) and made it to a level featured in the demos. Now I can kick back and take my time.

The DLC dumps a bunch of overpowered equipment in your inventory like it’s 2008. They give you all the crafting recipes (I think) so I’ll just ignore it.


Forza’s the only XB1 exclusive that interests me at all, but it’s on the Windows Store. Otherwise the PS4 was doing okay for exclusives already, and now a couple of games coming out this year make it look even more appealing.

I watched a stream of the beginning of the game, that initial area looked terrible, and then you’re just dumped in the area from the first demo. Really turned off by the gear churn and super archaic looking storytelling.


I found better equipment than the DLC stuff about an hour after the tutorial, so I don’t think it’s that overpowered (I got some for pre-ordering). Seems like the primary benefit is you get to look cool before finding stuff.

I’m not clear on how equipment load works, is there a tutorial for that at some point? My percentage went from blue to green to yellow, but I don’t see a difference experimenting with those different bands and animations. I have a nagging feeling it affects attack animation times in a subtle way I’m not seeing. It doesn’t seem to affect the dodge like in DS games.


It affects ki regen. Maybe other stuff. I wouldn’t go to yellow unless you specifically want to build a heavy armor character, but the feedback said that’s not as viable (which is typical for these games).


Damn is there a way to uninstall that stuff before I play?


I could be wrong, but I think you only get the stuff if you completed all those Nioh Demos. For finishing each one you got a piece of equipment in the full game, from what I recall.


There’s also some preorder DLC junk. You can just discard it or sell it pretty early on.

You can craft any gear to look like any other gear if you have the recipe, so that’s the important part. Or boost the gear to your level.

Like mentioned above, it’s not a big deal.


I’ll be starting this tonight if anyone wants to tackle the death spirits I’m bound to be leaving in my wake.

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Is that what those red things were in the demo? I never figured out what the point of fighting those things was or what they were supposed to be. So they were versions of other players who had died in those spots?


Yep, and usually pretty damn tough to kill.


Which of the online features are locked behind PS+?


Just co-op, according to reddit. You can still see player graves.

Warning to co-op players: they changed it from the demo so you can’t co-op a mission from the main menu without beating it first. So you can’t explore the game with a friend the first time.

Not sure how accurate that is, and they might change it back anyway.


So far the only major new thing after one mission is the extensive stat tracking and “achievement” system. I kind of like it because it will encourage me to try different things.