Nioh - Demo on PS4


There is one title tied to having a lot of money though, but I’m not sure how much value I should place on getting titles yet. The prestige bonuses seem slight.

I’m way too early to have multiple stuff around 20, so I’m curious too.

I know in these types of games they want you to specialise in a couple things (which is always hard for me!), but I also read that it’s good to get most stats to 10 or so which is where soft-caps tend to kick in. And you do want at least a bit of ninja/magic even when not focusing on that path.

Usually in similar games I focus on pumping stamina, as being able to hit more powerfully and more often in a fight always seems more valuable than surviving more hits. And other stats also raise hp to a lesser degree anyway.

Then I get enough strength as needed to wield any cool new weapon or armour that’s just out of reach, and keep me away from ‘fat roll’.

Of course this approach then kind of locks my build to sword/bow. But:

[quote=“porousnapkin, post:120, topic:78498”]
I noticed I sometimes get a bigger boost to my damage output on spears and swords by raising Skill or Strength. I also noticed a time I got more HP from raising Skill than from Body.[/quote]
I’m not sure what’s going on there! Do weapons ever get stat requirements that trigger abiltiy activation like armour has?

Yes I did this early, raised it to L11 so far. Not sure how far it goes.


I wouldn’t offer items for amrita unless you’re underleveled. If you do most or all of the side quests you shouldn’t need it. The crafting components add up quickly. You can choose to use purple components for a higher chance at crafting purple items. And to make purple components you need a lot of base components. It also sounds like gold cost ramps up at a ridiculous rate if you want to soul match gear.

I think some weapons scale with other stat types than normal. Check the weapon’s stats page.

Definitely get enough spirit to unlock all your spirit’s features. It’s cheap. And yes 10 is the soft cap if you can’t think of what to do. Bump some secondary stats.


Wow this game really picks up 4 or 5 missions in. There’ve been some tough fights but only one maybe that felt pretty unfair. Just finished The Spirit Stone Slumbers mission which I really liked. Very annoyed that I missed one kodama spirit though!


I got a charm with kodama sense to make sure I didn’t miss any. Some of these later levels seem too intricate to find them myself. Even with them on my radar it sometimes takes a lot of looking.


Oh yeah, Kodama sense is a real lifesaver.

Uhh, playing online almost seems like cheating. Just look for player graves with all or almost all purple gear. I got an entire Samurai of the West purple quality ensemble in less than 5 minutes. Makes the whole loot pinata thing even more worthless.


There might be something different going on for the loot chase in the endgame, I don’t know. I’ve been able to avoid most of the spoilers about that so far.

Purple isn’t even necessarily all that great. You just get more special effects. Not all of them are useful. Then you have to reforge, etc.

Anyway, I need to figure out a quick way to defeat the basic yoki demon. They have fast sweeping combos and you can’t stunlock them without breaking their ki, so I tend to stay back from them. The problem is they take forever to attack (in addition to their annoying jump-back animations) and they have a ton of HP. I have to sit there and watch them go through their robotic motions for way too long. It’s starting to wear on me to the point where it diminishes my appreciation of the game to see behind the curtain like that.


Are those the ones that spit poison in your face?


I think he means the bigger, broad-shouldered ones.


I’d rather fight them than the poison guys. I enjoy chopping off their limbs in the death sequence. Hate being poisoned though and the little guys are tricky sometimes.


I dunno, 3-4 high stance strong katana/spear attack does the trick for the big red dudes. It’s not always easy to spot an opening, but they almost always do more than one attack in a combo.


Yeah I switched to shredding them with a katana. But now I need to spend some time with the spear against regular enemies. Don’t want to overdo it.

Just hit a boss that’s straight out of Souls about 7-8 main missions into the game: Yuki-onna.

This game is more like Dark Souls plus Transformers: Devastation with all the loot and now they’re doing these wild arena battles.


I take back what I said about the samurai of the West gear… it seems like every single player ghost is wearing the stuff and I’m two regions after the dude who drops it.

Guys, there are other armor sets. Use them, because I don’t even wanna steal your stuff anymore. This has been a PSA.

Speaking of which, what does your guy look like? I’m sporting the Ambush set, white to bring some life to the setitng.


I’ll have to take a screenshot later. I’m kind of stuck on blue carry weight. I know you can change the look of armor but I’ve been forcing myself to use available fashion to make it a little more challenging. I use the hide helmet option too. I don’t like most of them and William looks pretty good. I feel bad that other people have to look at my garish helmet though when they fight my revenant.

There are some truly embarrassing light armor set. One of them as little foam balls on the front line you’re a court jester. It reminds me of The Witcher 3 light armor problem, hah.


Well, you can always go ninja. You can’t go wrong with ninja.


Just wait until you get farther in the game and 90% of the revenants are wearing Red Demon armor. It’s making it hard to find upgrades for my Iga Jonin ninja set.


Man, the PS4 sharing system is awful. No option to email myself. Not sure I’ll bother to grab a screenshot of my gear.

It’s basically some purple/black light armor (different types but still matches great) with the red demon gauntlets and boots. Sexy ninja Irishman.


Hmm. For PS4 I usually just stick pictures/video on a USB stick.

Man, a lot of people seem to have completed the game already and the game’s barely been out a week. I consider myself someone with a lot (too much) free time and I’m barely halfway through. I’ll never understand the world. :-/


If you have a Facebook account you can share pictures there and mark it visible to “only me”, then just pull it off of FB. Though I’m pretty sure doing that will put it in your PS activity feed so you have to be cool with your PS friends seeing it, too.


Parachute pants and a purple robe. Now I’m wearing a similar shirt with a gun belt, and a blue wind sword.

The game is still somewhat challenging. There are a couple of difficulty spikes and even the easy enemies can catch me in a group. I’m now behind the main quest levels so I was worried over nothing. I’m pleased with the balance.


Ughh… the Muneshige duel, that final stand-alone sub-mission in region 1, really separates the men from the boys.

Turns out I’m with the boys, cowering behind a strategically placed rock and poking with a spear. Lost count of the deaths it took to get past that!