Nis + nav = :(

Today I got rid of Zone Alarm in favour of Norton Internet Security, mainly because ZoneAlarm kept asking me stupid questions about allowing programs access to my net and tehn forgetting about it later on. Then I got this massive headache.

See, I run Norton System Works (“blah blah blah - you should use this instead” comments are not needed) … I use it because I like it. After I’ve installed NIS however it appears that Norton Anti Virus has decided it no longer wants to Auto Protect or scan emails and nothing I do will change that fact. I can’t get into the options for NIS (2003), if I do it craps itself and takes System works with it. Thus leaving me open to a whole world of poo.

In the System tray System works says it’s enabled , NIS says disabled, I can enable NIS which causes it to automatically shoot itself in the head.

I’m guessing I’ve got compatibility trouble, but where and why and how can I fix it?

Please, cure my head ache.

What versions?

And are you running multiple Windows XP logons?

That happens all the time; norton is bloated dogshit. Fully uninstall and reinstall systemworks. Symantec has a special program on their website that completely uninstalls norton for you.

FWIW - System works is 2003 as is NIS … I’ll give your idea a try Stusser.