Nitrile gloves for working on pond & bog

I just realized I am practically out and I depend on these to keep me safe while working with the biologics in the pond and bog. I’d go through a box of 100 every 1-2 weeks normally in spring and summer. Having CF I sweat profusely outside so I swap out the gloves quite often. If anyone has a lead on where I could get some please let me know. Or if you have another idea I could try. I tried using dish gloves as then I could keep re-using them, but they fill with water (sweat) right away due to heat retention issues and my CF.


I assume the dipped ones I see on amazon don’t work since they aren’t totally covered in nitrile? If they’d work you could presumably get multiples and swap throughout the day and wash when done.

The inflexibility makes it hard to work with since I use the gloves like a second skin. But if worse comes to worse I will have to get a bunch and cycle them like you suggest.

I have had success ordering them from Amazon. It just takes longer than you want to get them… On the order of 3 to 4 weeks. But I have received all the orders I have placed.

Could you post a link? Every one I’ve tried has no order option as they say “not available”.

I had links to two different kinds of gloves that I bought. Both sold out, sorry JP.

I can’t really check at the moment but at least a couple on Amazon I looked at said delivery by May 18 or so.

Apparently sizing matters. There are some available for kids and some in XXL sizes. But I need large. Medium could maybe work too.

Yeah glove sizes are not at all regulated. I always get the largest they have. I got a box of black nitrile and made sure I ordered XXL. They fit, but just barely. I’d hate to wear them for an extended time.

I sometimes buy them for my business at the local restaurant supply store, though stock has been spotty lately- have them some days, don’t the next, then get restocked. You might check into such a place- here in the western states we have Smart Foodservice Warehouse (formerly called Cash & Carry), and they are open to the public, no membership needed. Not sure what you have locally (in the upper midwest, right?) but there must be something similar?

We have Gordon Foods, it the loose food service gloves are too thin and poor fitting to work outside. But I do use the food service gloves for doing my groceries.

@jpinard I just checked my glove orders, which were from end of March and all of the gloves are now unavailable. Sorry for the bum advice, man.

Try They have nirtrile cleaning gloves, the type that go up to your elbow. Might be something there that you can use instead of the disposable gloves

Hey Jeff, do you still need nitrile gloves?

I went to Ace Hardware here yesterday (needed a new fire extinguisher–long story, not going to go into it). They had a huge stack of nitrile gloves boxes.

So–you might try Ace there in West Michigan, or if you can’t, or they are out, shoot me a PM and I will grab whatever you need and ship them to you.

In addition to hardware stores, auto parts stores usually have nitrile gloves as well and aren’t in peoples mindset for where to find them. You might get lucky going that route.

I actually saw a couple pairs of The more long-lasting nitrile gloves in the housewares section of my grocery store yesterday. They were labeled for dishwashing but heck you could use them for whatever you want of course.

I went to every auto parts store in the area here and no one had anything. Ace’s don’t have the gloves here either.

@BennyProfane did your location have either of these gloves?

I’ll go back and check either this evening after work, or tomorrow. That orange box looks familiar. They had 4 or 5 different varieties.

You might just give them a call and ask what they have in stock, too, since you know exactly what you need. It is the Ace Hardware on Hoosick Rd. in Brunswick, NY.

But I will check as soon as I can.

I am going out there when they open in a bit. Which do you need, how many, and what size?

I will need a mailing address at some point.

Large and 4 boxes. 2 orange and 2 black. Or if they only have one kind then 4 of that kind. Thank you so much!