No 360 Games Under the Xmas Tree

There will be no Xbox 360 games under my Christmas tree this year. This is a surprise to me. I fully expected to want toys for my new toy. I’d certainly want some new games to show off the next generation of gaming and, given the machine’s release late in the year, I’d certainly need something to new play on it. But there’s a problem: I don’t have an Xbox 360.

This might be corrected by the 25th. EB might eventually fill my August pre-order. Pigs might oink softly as they fly over my house. But all bets are off. The 360 game my wife purchased for her loving husband went back to the store this weekend. A 360 game sale is lost and, I’m guessing I’m not alone.

Still, it’s not all bad. In its place is a guitar shaped box.

I tried Guitar Hero for the first time tonight. All I can say, fuzzyslug, is that you totally came out ahead.


isn’t that the game that’s like playing Simon while listening to cock rock?

Yeah, well, I bought two copies of Guitar Hero thinking that I could give them to two different sets of niece/nephews for Xmas. Unfortunately, it turns out that they only have XBOX and GAMECUBE consoles.

Which means…


Oh no its more like jamming on the Air guitar while listening to Van Halen.

Oh no its more like jamming on the Air guitar while listening to Van Halen.[/quote]

I think McMaster has more of the right of it. I suck at Guitar Hero far, far more than I suck at air guitar.

In Simon the game is about repeating patterns from memory. Guitar Hero is nothing like this, the challenge of Guitar Hero isn’t trying to remember a pattern, it’s trying to execute a pattern correctly and in rhythm, what the pattern is is never in doubt. It’s also one of the best games released last year.