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I understand that the Grassy Knoll will be there too.

A former member of the US Congress, Cynthia McKinney, who is also due to address the conference, told reporters: “Who else knows … why were the innocent people of New York not warned.”

I am so glad that nutbag is gone.

There’s a lot of shit that needs to be made public to the American People, however. Like the fact that there was a plan to create a task force with a laser focus on Bin Laden fucking MONTHS and MONTHS before 9/11. Rice was briefed, Rummy was briefed, BUSH was briefed on what a fucking danger this guy was. Alerts were sent, in the months before 9/11, ABOUT THE FUCKING PEOPLE WHO FLEW THE PLANES INTO THE BUILDINGS, saying, specifically, when talking about their disinterest in learning to take off or land - “they seem like the sort of people who’d want to fly a plane into the WTC.” No action taken. No monitoring performed. Not a fucking thing done. Rumsfeld’s defense budget? His top ten items? NOt a single fucking terorrist or homeland security item on it. There was a specific, direct, clearly worded message sent at the highest level, days before the fucking attack, that “a terrorist attack was being planned that aimed to cause massive civilian casualties” - no action taken.

And it’s not like this shit came out of left field. THEY TRIED THE SAME GODDAMN THING WHEN CLINTON WAS IN OFFICE. There was a clearly set plan to orchestrate a 747 hijacking, and crash it into the CIA’s headquarters, while 11 other planes were simultaneously hijacked and crashed into the White House, major civic structures, the Israeli Embassy, etc, etc. It was stopped - and then the mechanism used to stop it was ignored, dismantled, and put in the fucking filing cabinet after Bush got into office.

I’m not denying that there are some paranoid motherfuckers, and the idea that anyone in power in the US administration wanted an atrocity like this to happen is fucking ridiculous - but they were so goddamned laxidasical about the threat that every last one of them should be locked away until the end of time - or, more poetically, till the end of three thousand motherfucking life sentences. Bush in particular, who was in the middle of extending his record for the highest amount of vacation days ever taken by a sitting president as he ignored memo after motherfucking memo about impending danger.

I agree with most of what you said. We got to get out the vote in '04! (By the way, did you hear about the voting machines that were rigged to vote Retardican?)

You mean the machines that produce results that cannot legally be analyzed with software that cannot legally be examined, because the corporation that produced the machines has a “right to privacy”? Yeah. I heard.

I think you mean “lackadaisical” (lacking spirit, liveliness, or interest; languid), rather than “laxidasical” (constipated?).

Sorry. It’s the editor in me.

Time for a Beatles song… “You say you want a Revolution?” No, what I want is a NEW DEAL! A Great Society would work too…

I think you mean “lackadaisical” (lacking spirit, liveliness, or interest; languid), rather than “laxidasical” (constipated?).

Sorry. It’s the editor in me.[/quote]

Hahaha, don’t be sorry. I always appreciate good editing. As opposed to the editor who I currently have, the one who changes “whet your appetite” to fucking “wet your appetite.” Sigh.

The ones by the corporation whose chairman holds Republican fundraisers in his own home and says that he’ll do as much as he can to get Bush re-elected?

If “we the people” are not careful, we’ll be one election away from losing our freedoms forever. I really don’t think I’m exaggerating.

Truly, you folks are the very apex of self parody. I eagerly await your next performance… same Moonbat time, same Moonbat channel?

Seriously. “The republic is falling! The republic is falling!”

If the great and mighty governments of the past, some of whom controlled up to 50% of the euro-asian world, failed under the weight of their own idiocy and longevity, then so will the US. And just like those previous experiments, this one too will lead to a better “next attempt”.

I like eggs.

Allow me to back up everything Quatoria has said. If you’ll indulge a cut and paste, I was discussing this very topic over at Gonegold’s forums today:

I think at this point, a timeline would be helpful. All of this information comes from TIME magazine, Newsweek, and The Washington Post. I ain’t makin’ this stuff up.

The final act of terrorism against the US in the Clinton Administration occurred on October 12, 2000–the bombing of the USS Cole, masterminded by Osama and Al Qaeda. On December 20, 2000, Clinton’s National Security Advisor on Counter-terrorism, Richard Clarke delivered his plan to take out Al Qaeda: break up remaining Al Qaeda cells and arrest all personnel, attack all financial backing for the group, freeze all foreign assets, stop funding through fake charities, increase aid to governments having Al Qaeda difficulties, and scale up covert action in Afghanistan to destroy AQ training camps and get Osama bin Laden.

Clinton and company did not implement their plan–they felt to do so would “drop a war into the laps of an incoming administration”. They did give the Bush Administration the detailed plan, and Sandy Berger personally told Condi Rice that her biggest concern during the next four years was going to be Al Qaeda-based terrorism. This would be January, 2001.

Condi Rice was so impressed with Richard Clarke and his plan to fight Al Qaeda that Clarke was retained for the Bush Administration. But after presenting his plan to Dick Cheney and Donald Rumsfeld, it was back-burnered. As Senior White House Officials told TIME–“There was a feeling that the Clintons were unduly obsessed by terrorism”. My stomach hurts just to read that hubris. It didn’t help that Clarke and his plan were Clinton holdovers, and anything Clinton was bad, in the new Administration.

On February 15, 2001, a bipartisan commission fronted by former Senators Gary Hart and Warren Rudman delivered a devastating report. Their commission found that “mass-casualty terrorism” on US soil was an imminent threat, and one we were unprepared for. They recommended a new Homeland Security Office be set up within the cabinet to coordinate all intel, branches of service, local law-enforcement, and border patrols. Congress liked the idea, but the Administration–Ashcroft, Cheney, Rice, Rumsfeld in particular–killed it by refusing to support it.

The Administration did take the report to heart, though. On May 8, 2001, the President announced that VP Cheney would head an Anti-Terrorist task force to combat domestic terrorism, to meet monthly. The President himself promised to chair some of these meetings, periodically. Problem: This task force never got beyond the hypothetical stage, and never actually met.

Anti-terrorism czar Richard Clarke finally got his plan moving though, albeit slowly. Four separate meetings were held to discuss his proposal presented on April 30, 2001. The final meeting took place July 10, 2001. That’s some priority, huh? While all this was going on, the FBI had an agent in Arizona reporting his concerns that foreign terrorists were taking flight school lessons, and set to infiltrate civilian aviation. The Clinton Administration had thwarted a terrorist action to fly an airliner into the CIA Headquarters in Langley in 1996, and if there had been, you know, a Homeland Security Office at this point, perhaps that report by the FBI agent wouldn’t have been buried. Maybe someone would’ve connected the dots.

As for Clarke and his plan to take the fight to Al-Qaeda–his proposal was still moving in the corridors of power, with two steps to go. First, a meeting with senior cabinet officials: Rice, Ashcroft,Cheney, and Rumsfeld to get their approval on his plan…and then the President himself. Problem: Bush loves him some Texas Time. Due to the President taking the longest vacation of any sitting president in 32 years, Clarke’s meeting gets pushed to Sept. 4th, 2001.

On August 6, CIA Director George Tenet delivered a report to the vacationing president: “Bin Laden Determined To Strike in US”. The report even specifically mentioned that the hijacking of airplanes was an AQ plan. On August 16, Zacharias Moussaoui was arrested as a suspected terrorist. He’d been in a flight school and had no interest in actually taking off or landing planes. The arresting INS agent wrote in his report that Moussaoui “seemed like the kind of person who would fly a plane into the World Trade Center.” A Minneapolis FBI agent, alarmed at the Moussaoui arrest and after talking to the detainee, delivered a report to DC saying that a 747 fully-loaded with jet fuel could be used as a weapon.

We’re almost done here. Acting FBI Director Thomas Pickard was reading the mounting terrorism briefs and warnings, and realized that he needed more funding. He asked for a bump in July, 2001. On Monday, September 10th, he got a memo from John Ashcroft turning him down, flat. It is to Pickard’s credit that he didn’t make an “I told you so” call to the Attorney General the next day. In fact, that same day Ashcroft forwarded his budgeting request to the President, requesting funding increases for 68 different programs. None of these programs concerned terrorism. Ashcroft also passed around a memo to the Cabinet listing his top 7 priorities for the upcoming year. Not one mention of terrorism.

On September 4th, the Cabinet looked at Richard Clarke’s anti-Al Qaeda plan, and liked it–except for Rumsfeld. To fund Clarke’s plan would require $600 million be diverted from his pet missile defense shield plan (funded at $158 billion). He threatened presidential veto of the anti-terrorism plan.

The President didn’t look at Clarke’s anti-Al Qaeda initiative, now nearly 10 months old, until September 13, 2001.

God I really love it when you get all articulate on me quatoria!

God I really love it when you get all articulate on me quatoria![/quote]

I love it when the truth blindsides you, and you have to result to insults. It’s kind of you to cede defeat in a discussion so swiftly - spares us all so much time and effort. None of this is conjecture - it is public record, and as such, is verifiable. If you want to attack it, do the same investigation that was done to obtain these facts, and disprove them. I would dearly love for them somehow, miraculously, to become false. For the sitting administration not to care so little about terrorism that they ignored blatant warnings that resulted in a tragedy of historic proportions.

In short, Hermy, do some fucking work in an argument, for once. Or are you only capable of insults?

Some of ya’ll sure are complacent.

It’s so funny to see everyone hyperventilating like this. Look, I’ll be the first to agree that the Bush administration is way too conservative and willing to trample our civil rights in the name of fighting crime. But does that mean we’re “one election away from losing our freedoms forever, and I’m not exaggerating?” Give me a fucking break. Hopefully Bush loses in 04. If not, hopefully people are sick of his style of crap in 08 and we get a more moderate president then. But it’s not like we are suddenly living in Stalinist Russia. Please.

I’ll also be the first to agree that the Bush administration was too slow to pick up on the threat of terrorism, and that’s a good reason to vote the man out of office (as if we needed another good reason). In his defense, nobody really took the threat of foreign-sponsored terrorism inside our borders that seriously (including the Clinton administration). And also in his defense, he’s taken strong action after the fact to try and rectify the problems–particularly the lack of information-sharing–that led to this in the first place. You may agree or disagree with the extent of his actions (I happen to disagree with many of the policies), but to say that Bush should be executed or tried for crimes against humanity or charged with 3000 murders is just insane. I can’t stand the man, but even I have to admit that it looks like he just had the same blind spot that lots of other people had, got caught with his pants down, and is trying to patch the hole. Yeah, he sucks for taking all those vacations, he seems like he’s pretty much an idiot, and a lot of his reactions to terrorism were the revocation of civil rights for terrorists, and all the rest of us as well. That all sucks. I’ll vote for anyone the Dems run in 04 because of it. But the man is hardly a criminal.

And of course, the actual topic of this thread–those crazy Germans who think that Bush ordered the 9/11 terrorist attacks–has been completely lost. I guess any mention of Bush, terrorism, 9/11, or America is sufficient hook for quatoria to come into the thread and talk about what an ass Bush was for not stopping 9/11. We’ve heard it. We all know. Go have a stiff drink and console yourself with the fact that next year is an election year.