No Daleks in the new Dr. Who

The BBC have failed to agree terms with the estate of Terry Nation (creator of the original series) for the inclusion of the Daleks in the new revived series of the intrepid Time Lord’s adventures.

Mr Hancock accused the BBC of lying about the reasons a deal had not been made.

He said the BBC had tried to commission a cartoon series about gay Daleks for BBC Three.

He also said the corporation had allowed Warner Bros to use the Daleks in the recent movie Loony Tunes without consulting the Terry Nation estate.

Gay Daleks? I never realised they were supposed to be straight.

Ugh. What a really big disappointment.

I’d hoped they’d come back and finally manage to traverse stairs. :(

Will there be a hot babe sidekick?

They managed that back in 1988 in the television series (“Rememberence of the Daleks”) and in the late 1960s in the comic series.

Did they really? I never got a chance to see Remembrance. Did they actually offer some sort of explanation or just make the assertion “this Dalek went down the steps”?

They had a sequence where you saw a Dalek use lil jets underneath it to hover up the stairs. Very cheesy looking.

I always liked the idea put forth in several places, including plans for the series had the Fox pilot become one, of having the Daleks take on spider-like features.

Yes, Billie Piper, former teen pop star. See the linked article for a photo.

I’ll bet $100 that if there’s more than one season of the new series we’ll see the Daleks on it.

Honestly, it’s probably better this way. Generates some tension and excitement for the new series without becoming a nostalgia fest right off the bat.

Or it could be like a Star Trek: TNG thing, where the Ferengi were introduced early on as the big new villain (anyone else remember how they promoted the Ferengi early on?) in place of the expected Klingons and Romulans. And bombed. People are going to expect the Daleks fairly early on. I think they’re necessary, too, to bring in more casual fans, and because will be expecting them to show up at some point. That could lead to some dramatic tension, but more likely people will compare this big new villain with the Daleks and go “Meh.”

If anything, it’s a good deal for the Terry Nation estate. I’d imagine the BBC will be coming back with a bigger offer soon after the new series debuts.

They’re starting with the Autons, and the Cybermen and a dozen others are waiting in the wings. I for one am curious as to what the Master has been up to…

In the end it was the Borg, not the Romulans that became the big hit from that show. Also, the Klingons were there early on. You may remember that “Worf” guy…

Either way it’s apples and oranges. The new Who isn’t going to live or die by the Daleks. has a number of photos, some early ones from the outside shooting location, some from media coverage of the upcoming show.

Now here’s where an eyebrow gets raised . . .

Exterminate! Exterminate!

times have moved on

Since when has that been a problem for a Time Lord?

The last attempt at a resurrection springs to mind ;-)

Fox making something and using Eric Roberts isn’t what I’d call a real attempt at a ressurection, it was more like a recipe for disaster.

Do we really need Doctor Who to look like he’s trying to fit in with the trench-coat mafia. Sheesh. That look is so 2000.

Pictures from on-set with the Doctor and companion in costume:

This is going to be very … interesting.

Also, some more photos of the companion and her boyfriend.

He’s just not goofy enough. Bring back Scarfman, damnit!

He almost looks more suited to play the Master than the Doctor in those pictures.