No GFW podcast this week?

What’s up with that? Did they announce as much last week? Paging Mr. Green…

I love how the internet, which is already blessed with great ways to search for information, invariably is used to ask other people to search for information.

Well, I obviously checked the appropriate website first. :-P

According to past Jeff made on another website, they are recording today.

They didn’t mention anything last week, so I assume one is coming.

edit: I’m both slower and less informed than Kevin Grey.

Yeah, we are recording today–finally. We’ll probably post it either later tonite or tomorrow at the latest. Meanwhile, check out that awesome photo of GFW LIVE in action on my blog! ONLINE PC GAMING FTW DUDEZ LOL!

It’s too bad how you guys have become shameless shills for Microsoft. Thanks for actually posting that, though – I keep forgetting to look at it after the discussion last week.

Also related to your discussed last week, you need to get in on our somewhat-nightly CoH game, Jeff. We are all members of the pseudo-geriatric RTS league, after all.

If you haven’t heard it, listen to the last GFW podcast about Jeff’s LoTR dream. The man needs help.

A great line further down on the blog:

The Wife here is French and doesn’t know Jacques Shit about football

No thanks to them.

Jackass is trying to play with out the mouse. Wtf. Go back to your console pretty boy, we don’t want your kind here.

Um, why are all those guys so excited? They’re all looking at the exact same screenshot, so they can’t possibly be playing a real multiplayer game.

The multiplayer game is “Get paid to look stupid.”

Looks like this kid grown up

His Dad and Him were very excited to be using Deskmate.

Almost this exact line was used in their last Podcast. I’ve been hoping they’d show the ad they were talking about. Hilarious… in a serious sorta way. I mean come on. This is in a magazine for gamers, no a bunch of sales account representatives or PR reps. Does MS really think we wouldn’t be calling them on this the second we saw it?

Move that trash to Newsweek or something.

Better those guys than the ads they used to run with guys sitting in beyond filthy apartments with dead rats in the foreground talking about how addictive their latest game was.

I remember one for a Tomb Raider game where there was literally a pasty loser with a shine to Lara Croft in his room. Everything was dark and ugly and covered in flies and crap.

I thought. I really want to be like this guy?

Someone with quicker archive searching than I can, plus the knowledge of how to embed an image in a post, will likely point out the Penny Arcade strip where they mock an ad of an unshaven giant-forearmed male model having a rousing game of the box art from Warcraft III.