No Hands...the Everything (Football|Soccer|Footie|Futbol) Thread

Quite the peloton at the top of the Tour de Premier League after that draw today. Liverpool were absolutely the superior team in the second half of that match, too.

All to play for down the stretch!

Me, a sleepy layabout starts a cup of coffee, grabs some toast, turns on the FA Cup, sees Coventry City up on Wolves 1-nil in the 80th minute. Yawn. Guess I’ll watch this to see what happens.

And holy Toledo.

What an absolutely bonkers and crazyshines final 20 minutes THAT was.

Turned it on just it time to see it go from 1-0 to 2-1. Not that it isn’t expected for Liverpool to destroy them, but hopefully ManU don’t completely wilt now.

Holy shit, Antony levels it at 85’. Onana trying to give everyone a heart attack.

And Rashford whiffs a straight win

Antony at left back, Maguire up front and Mason Mount in midfield. The world has gone crazy.

And then Diallo gets sent off for standing on the ball at a free kick and then taking his shirt off. He’ll miss the semi-final now.

Hah, it was 3-2 and I figured they were done after that deflected shot by Elliot went in, but they actually pulled it off 4-3? That must have been a nutty 12 minutes. I guess the law of averages caught up with Rashford, and instead of another near miss he got it in.

Quarters were the best set of FA Cup matches I think I’ve seen.

And now both Ten Hag and Poch may save their jobs (if they haven’t already) by hoisting that trophy.

Well the Mighty Imps are on a roll, Won 8 and Drawn 2 of our last 10 matches, scored 26 and conceded 3. We scored 16 goals in our last 3 games which was in the space of a week. Not sure we can make the League 1 playoffs even with that run but we have Oxford away in a couple of weeks. Win that and we might be in with a shout if we can just avoid reverting to the mean of our season so far… long shot though…

Surely there’s space for this in Spurs’ trophy room?

0-0 at 90+2’, I go to the bathroom and it is 1-1 with Man United scoring first, and then giving up a goal 3 minutes later.

I think if there was any remaining doubt, Leverkusen have set it to rest. 2 goals in the final 10 minutes to rescue a 2-1 win at home against Hoffenheim, while Bayern lose 2-nil against Dortmund.

It would be a Neverkusen choke of monumental proportions for them to lose a 13- point lead at the top of the table with 7 matches to play.

We were playing against a Brentford side that was without their main 4 defenders. We keep conceding stupid cutback goals and I have no idea what was being coached for defense in the last 18 months, let alone the hallmark vacuum midfield that has been persistent in most of our atrocious displays.

ETH has lost all the credit he built up last season on trying to stick to the same thing that just doesn’t lead to sustainable performances or results. If we had the same awful injury record, but a semblance of a progressive plan he’d definitely be kept. But there’s just been no sign of promise.

We face a shot every 3 minutes. It is a feature of the team, not a bug, 0 GD and this has been the story of our season campaign.

What may also save some coaching jobs in the prem is that Xabi Alonso is now extremely likely to stay at Leverkusen – so no bidding war between Bayern and Liverpool for him, after all.

And then there’s Chelsea. I started seeing articles about Chelsea being in major PSR trouble back during the January window and paid them little heed, but now I’m seeing more and more stories that Chelsea may indeed be in a very bad place right now.

Yeah from what I saw on the espn page they were lucky to come away with a point.

He already confirmed it yesterday.

Feels appropriate for the day

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Looks like it even managed to hit the first player a 2nd time.

“Ipswich have only had two shots on target in this second half… they’ve been thoroughly outplayed…”

Immediately score a 90+7 winner.

This season has been sensational, but my heart can’t take a lot more of this.

In the unlikely event the top three all win their remaining games Leeds would have 104 points… and finish third.