No Hands...the Everything (Football|Soccer|Footie|Futbol) Thread

Wow, understaffed Uruguay does it. Love their blue kit.

Liverpool’s forward line will play one another in the next round – Luis Diaz for Colombia and Darwin Nunez for Uruguay.

It is my favorite international kit. So beautifully, classically simple.

Just realized…Brazil won just one match in the 2024 Copa America.


I don’t know why I’m watching this Canada/Argentina semifinal.

Canada is down 0-2, one of their best players left the game injured, and they can’t score.

Berhalter: OUT.

Uruguay on the brink in injury time. Colombia trying to hold on while a man down.

Uruguay keeps knocking on the goal but it just won’t open. And Colombia has biffed two golden chances to go up 2-0.

Yep, it’s Argentina vs Colombia in the final. And because of that red card, Colombia will be without Daniel Munoz. That’s gonna be some tough sledding.

It got ugly after the match. Apparently Colombian fans were all over the family of one of the Uruguayan players and they went into the stands.ñezs_fistfight_with/

Trent Crimm, Miguel Delaney, The Independent reports that initial contact has been made between the US Soccer Federation and Jurgen Klopp.

I mean, if they can actually land him (I have strong doubts they will, but it’s fun to dream) this might be the most important German coming to America story since Von Steuben…

Wernher von Braun, surely.

Is Darwin Nuñez the one in the bra top?

Also, the police seem utterly useless there.

Get Klopp. We won’t see another World Cup in the US for 30 years, most like. This team has talent, but has been grossly mismanaged.

Clearly the best man for the US National Team job is… Sir Gareth Southgate.

Klopp says no. Ah well.

Can we ban Miguel “My source is I pulled that out of my ass” Delaney with regards to any transfers news? I don’t know about other clubs but he’s reviled among any United fan clubs or communities. He’s a complete twat, SEO abuser, and who could forget he’s one of the clickbait jockeys that flamed the story about ETH was going to get fired:

And yes football fans agrees he’s a stupid man:

The PSG project reaching its inevitable conclusion.

It appears Delaney was entirely correct, though? USSF did make a preliminary approach to Klopp, and Klopp politely declined. And other sources have confirmed the approach and “Thanks, but no” response.

Sounds like you’re part of quite the shouty thinktank of super-geniuses.

Well, Dave does.

There is no way Klopp would have ever considered that job anyway, he will probably take a break for a bit and eventually be the new Germany manager.
Maybe the USMNT can persuade Poch to cross the Atlantic.

Oh, I agree. But they had to ask – if nothing else to pave the way for the next manager. You can’t have folks angrily wondering why USSF hasn’t contacted Klopp. So they made that their first courtesy contact, got that out of the way, and now they can dig in and find their guy.