No Hard Feelings - Jennifer Lawrence asks if anyone F*cks anymore

This looks like fun, and I think Lawrence will be great in a comedic role, but I also feel like this type of movie has been killed by streaming. I’m happy to wait for this to hit some service or another rather than seeing it in a theater.

I saw a trailer and was shocked at how bad it looked. And I actually think she’s perfect for a role like that. I’d love to be wrong as we don’t get enough unserious movies anymore. We have been binging on bad 80’s movies and wow it’s so bad it’s good. Yesterday was Teen Witch.

I’m sorry, but that sundress and roller blades still photo can’t go unremarked. That is adorable and makes me deeply miss some old acquaintances. Too bad the spell is ruined when you actually play the trailer.

Rollerblades somehow died out. I mean they still exist, but EVERYONE had them in the 90’s and it was awesome. :(

All the rollerbladers died young. Only the flat of feet remain.

Never, EVER do a chick doggie while she’s in rollerblades.

There were still plenty of rollerbladers in Chicago a few years back when I was riding the Lakeshore bike path regularly. They were the worst. Too slow to stay in front of you but too fast to be easily passable and taking up way too much space with their back and forth zigzagging.

Down with rollerblades.

Aw, I have some great biking paths and quiet streets in my hood and I rollerblade all the time to get out and get a quick sweat. I don’t disagree about how much space it takes in a lane if you want speed and are not just coasting, I’m always careful to straighten out when passing bikes. But you really want to be a strong skater anywhere near traffic since stopping is not immediate and requires space, and it terrifies walkers when you come in at speed and hockey stop since there isn’t much ‘tell’ other than some more aggressive weaving as you decelerate.

Still remember when I was young and dumb and my roommate and I raced each other to the campus gym, him on a bike and me on my skates. Almost died a few times (stopping and starting at stop signs and lights can be as or more efficient than a bike, but it’s the deliberating around the crowds and lining up your future trajectory at top speeds that are split second dangerous… that, and sticks, drainage grates, tar and gravel), but because I didn’t it was like an exhilarating hollywood chase sequence.

Anyway maybe one day we’ll see a movie where they can actually skate and not flop around or coast downhill in a frozen pose and it can be seen as cool as it can be. Kills me how somehow skateboarding is considered more ‘badass’ when even the best guys are clunking and crunching in ungainly ways… maybe because an amateur can just stand and coast and not look as goofy as a beginning skater. To me it’s more about their association with counterculture rebellion, but movies featuring skateboards typically portray scenarios where they can actually do it well.

Oh yeah, and this is how you get up steps in rollerblades.

Thems fighting words.