No joke; the #1-rated book on Amazon right now is:

pre-orders for this

And this is what it dethroned.

What the hell is going on, America?

Do you write for Lost? A hint in the topic, stalling in the link description, only to find it’s exactly what I was expecting.

We’re losing faith in God, but gaining a sense of humor?

Just a wild guess.

Whatever you may think of the book or Maddox, the fact that a guy could create his own website, and–with no mainstream media connections–debut at #1 on Amazon for preorders is awesome. It’s basically what people have been saying the internet was capable of.

Did you read the excerpts? Apparently, Americans already have a sense of humor.

That book is made by maddox of internet fame. It deserves number 1. In fact, I didn’t know it existed and now I believe I will buy it.

Same… thanks for the heads up =)

Making money for the half-talented bitter nonfamous? Indeed!

You forgot “…substandard knockoff of another internet personality.”

Of whom is Maddox a knockoff?

Who is Maddox? I hate it when I don’t know internet celebrities that everyone else does.


Edit: with a little bit of OOM mixed in, but there’s some crossover there anyway.

No. Not even superficially similar.

Well, I don’t have time to deal with this, but you know where I stand.

Seanbaby is a retarded monkey when compair it to the Maddox stuff.

Maddox called, he wants to put that quote verbatim on his next book’s jacket.

If he ads a “you” in there thats fine with me!

Maddox dreams of being beaten to death by a paragraph in a Jim Goad article.

Vitriol without clear focus is merely attention-seeking ranting with added spittle.